View Full Version : The new girl

7th November 2005, 02:21 PM
Here are some pics to show how our new girl is settling in with the cats.

We've named her Cody. She's settling in well and making the house her own. She likes to play fetch but only with a particular toy bone, anything else and she just doesn't budge :badgrin:





7th November 2005, 02:30 PM
A beautiful cavalier! So sweet!

I hope she watches out for those cats! Some are so big they could eat her! ;)

I was at the animal shelter the other day ( I go periodically just to see if there's something I feel extra connected to--i'm happy to report there were just a handful of animals there!) and I was looking at the cats. All of the cats they had were twice the size of Cedar. I've never seen cats so large before!!

7th November 2005, 02:35 PM
:lol: She looks like she knows she'd better behave! I can't believe how quickly she has fit in -- that she's so relaxed with the cats and vice versa (I thought you had a new little brown cat on the left then realised it is a soft toy.... :roll: ). Bet she will love that back deck and garden too -- love her little face looking out from among the shrubberies... :lol:

PS Cody is a great name!! That was a relatively fast decision from your 'shortlist' of 20 names too... ;)