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8th November 2005, 08:37 AM
you know when your lady has her litter.....

at about teh 6 / 7 week mark she starts to get grumpy wtih them and is somewhat glad to get rid of them.......

how do you think my Cloe will feel about having her daughter with her always. im hoping she will be happy, and im sure when Holly [her daughter from last litter] comes to visit im sure she knows its her daughter and is so happy to see her.

my kids, even with 7 pups i thought it would be fine this year loads of pups no need for arguments over who holds who.... well iw as wrong ... 'cause im keeping Lady they all want her! including me, but she has a twin who is so adorable... infact there seems to be 2 sets of twins in the litter, not sure if im just seeing things but id nearly swear there is!
last ngiht i had cloe asleep on me, with Lady between me and her with he head on cloe's back and Max sort of under her, i wouldnt move! it was lovely having them all there, even though i was bursting for the loo!!!!!

8th November 2005, 11:09 AM
I know lots of people who keep mum and a pup; I'm sure they will be dlighted to stay together! the 'rejection' is just a natural part of the mum forcing the pups to fend for themselves and stop feeding from her, not any dislike of her own pups, so once that process is sorted, I'm sure she'll be very happy to have a baby around! What fun to have all those litttle rubies underfoot.

Bruce H
9th November 2005, 12:03 PM
Karlin is absolutely correct. Mom is doing exactly what she is supposed to do, weaning the puppies. I personally believe thats better than weaning by just taking the puppies away from the mom one day and they never see her again. Part of the reason we keep puppies for 10 to 12 weeks before they go to their forever home.

As far as mom having one of her puppies with her forever, definately not a problem; we currently have 4 dogs that we have kept from litters we have bred in the past whose mom is with us. It's actually interesting to watch how mom goes from looking at her pup as a pup that needs "disciplining" once in a while to part of the pack.

It also makes parting with the rest of the litter just slightly easier when you keep one.