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9th November 2005, 06:04 PM
Hello everyone,

Would love some advice please on one of my cav's...
Lady is going through phantom pregnacy, we seem to be dealing with it ok although, we did have to take her toys away as she was becoming quite aggresive towards my other cav Duchess as she thought she was going to take them to play with! She seems fine now and although has milk, is not leaking.
The main problem i have is that she is not eating, i managed to hand feed her some Lambs heart last night but has refused everything else.
Has anyone got any advice that we could try,i can take most things but her not eating is doing my head in icon_crying .
Look forward to hearing from anyone
Love Rhonda... icon_heartthrob

Bruce H
9th November 2005, 11:48 PM
I'll see if I can help.

Did you breed her and it didn't take? Or is it possible she was bred by a neighbors dog accidently? How long has she not been eating?

First thing I would do is take her temperature and see if that's normal. If it's high, I would take her to a vet. If you bred her and it didn't take, it's possible there were puppies in the beginning, but they were reabsorbed. Or there's a puppy still in that's dead that won't come out.

As far as not eating, our girls don't eat a much the first few days after a litter is born, so we hand feed them because they have to eat in order to keep up with nursing. With you it's a different story; she doesn't have puppies to nurse. If she continues to not eat, I would hand feed her a small amount daily, but again take her to a vet to be sure everything is all right.

Ineresting thing, we had a girl that we bred and the ultrasound showed one puppy, but the vet thought it was in the process of being reabsorbed because it was so small. Sure enough, an x-ray the week before the due date showed nothing. However, right on what would have been her due date her milk came in. It happened that we had an 8 week old litter in the house that the mom had pretty much weaned. Well this girl decided those pups were hers and she started nursing them every chance she got. When they were out of the pen, she would just flop down on the floor in front of the pups and let them nurse. And when the pups were in their pen, she would lay on the floor next to the pen and growl at any dogs that came near the pen! After a couple weeks of discouraging her, she finally quit nursing the pups.

10th November 2005, 10:09 AM
Hiya Bruce,

I'm sorry, i don't think i explained myself properly! :oops:
She hasn't been put with stud at all :shock: , she's just going through the process! ;)
Teddies have been taken away and we are exercising her more which seems to be doing the trick :)
My main concern was the fact that she wasn't eating, but, i hand fed her a whole lambs heart and some lamb mince last night, so neadless to say i feel a whole lot better.
Apart from that she is ok, and expecting her to be herself completely in the next couple of weeks. :)
Thanks for your reply
Love Rhonda and Harry.