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17th November 2005, 03:01 AM
O.K. Ill admit it...Im stuck on Coach~ the the desginer brand Coach. Ive been desirus of this perticular Coach dog collar...for months Ive been bidding on Ebay and scrapping for the perfect collar for the Blennie in my life. Tonight I got sick of trying to win...and called Coach directly hoping that they would be able to put me in touch with a outlet that might have it in stock....( I had been lead to believe that this great collar had been discontinued) Low and behold...its still current....only orderable thru the toll free number....the color is called Doe and Im attaching the link of what it looks like only its a very nice complimentary shade of brown....Im sure you'll be able to pull the exact color off of Ebay~ but its perfect for our dogs...not to mention the White Bone is so darn cute with the white patches on our guys.....Im thrilled I was able to find it, and Im so looking forward to seeing Sir Maxwell in his new Christmas present......

The style number is 4000~ you'll need to call Coach directly and ask for the style number and the color....Doe...The website only shows it in Black and red.

here is the link: http://www.coach.com//aspx/content/Product.aspx?category_id=110&product_no=5631

17th November 2005, 12:28 PM
Yep, totally shallow ! Of course I would never spend ridiculous amounts of money on a dog!

I mean, I am not the woman who spent a fortune on a hand made wrought iron four poster bed from the same guy who supplied Harrods! Oh no, not me at all......

It was such a lovely bed and I never told hubby how much it was, I informed him that it was a bargain as I'd bought it direct (well, compared to Harrods prices, it was ;) ). The unfortunate thing was that Maxx took one look at it, barked and then ran away from it and refused to go anywhere near it :roll: I even put his favourite blanket in there and some vanilla essence but nope, he pulled the blanket back out and just sat staring at the bed, willing it to go away :x

I ended up selling it on eBay for a fraction of what I'd paid for it :roll:

17th November 2005, 03:37 PM
Oooohh!!! Love the collar!!

My sister adores coach and just got a Newfoundland puppy, so we're going to get her a coach collar for Christmas. :D