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21st November 2005, 07:54 AM
May i have a moan, i think most of you know the problems i am having with Max, well he saw a specialist in the university, they kept him for 2 nights, charged a fortune for it, sent him home with the same medication he went in on and told me there is nothing wrong with him, put him on a special bland diet and said he had no runs while with him, so i bring him home the first night i left him in the kitchen, and went to bed feeling sort of relieved but concerned that they did not listen to me and there was still an underlining problem.

So Friday Morning, i get up to about 20 poo's in my kitchen from long runny ones to little blobs, to normal formed ones.

and it just got worse, but what i can i do, i feel they think im mad. What can i do to let them know there is a huge problem? more over i do not understand why when they have him on a bland diet he has no runs and i feed him the same diet he does, no one is giving him any other food or scraps, i just dont understand it.

Jo B
22nd November 2005, 06:03 PM
icon_yikes poor Max

Hugs Fi

22nd November 2005, 06:30 PM
I'd keep him on the bland diet; it may take 4-6 weeks for it really to have an effect. I have had to put two cats thru the bland diet routine and it has helped both times and resolved their digestive problems.

Maybe having the puppies and excitement around the house from that is causing him some extra stress that then causes the digestive problems? If he's feeling any anxiety or stress that could be part of it.

It can be really hard to pin down stomach problems as they are so varied and can be symptomatic of so many things. It is frustrating to get so little news from the specialist though.

If you want to try a good vets I can recommend Anicare which just opened a Blanchardstown village branch (www.anicare.ie). Ask to see Susan, Tanis or Fintan; those are the three I regularly see.

23rd November 2005, 10:01 PM
aww thats bound to be so worrying for you, i had a big problem a few years ago with one of my cats called holly, he was 10 years old then and he had terrible diahorrea all the time and he lost so much weight and he was dehydrated and weak, and they changed him onto a diet called I.D (hills prescription diet) and it worked wonders for him and now he is as lively as a kitten. and my eldest cat lucky is 15 now and he has been on K.D diet now for 2 years cause he has kidney failure and its really helped him, also dogs have their own version of this diet too, so that could be worth looking into..if you go to hill's prescription diet online it will give you their homepage...my vet told me that these foods were very good for a wide range of upsets in animals, and they have certainly helped mine. for my cats i use the dry food. i hope you can find something that helps

24th November 2005, 07:48 AM
Well the update is Max is being weened of all his medication, so they can re admit him on monday they are giving him a GA and doing some scope tests, but it seems he has one condition that is causing all of this, and it is NOT SM or any condition i have read of, buti will get the name, the diagnosis has yet to be confirmed.

Im glad somone has finally listened to me.

Bruce H
24th November 2005, 10:58 AM
Good luck Fi. Prayers for Max and you.

24th November 2005, 12:15 PM
Thank the heavens for that Fi. I am so sorry to hear that poor Max is still poorly. I really hope they can sort him out, the poor little love.

My Maxx gets colitis if he gets stressed at all and it's horrible. He will never 'toilet' indoors but has me up so many times in the night that I bring a duvet down and sleep on the sofa with him.

It's such a worry when your babies are ill, more so than with kids - at least kids can tell you how they are feeling.

24th November 2005, 12:34 PM
Oh so true, When i spoke with the specialist, i asked if he had seen a case like this and his reply was that he had nevr come accross a cavallier with this condition so bad and presenting so extremly, so i am guessing he will have to get advice on how to treat him, he said they had had alot of the medical students down to look at him.

they should pay me!!!!

24th November 2005, 04:22 PM
Poor Max! LLet us know how his exam goes and what the name is of whatever he has; Rory is a vet student in the US and will probably be interested in knowing the diagnosis too (none of what you described has sounded like SM BTW). I am glad they took you seriously; sometimes you really have to dig in your heels to get them to believe your observations.

25th November 2005, 07:44 AM
yes i will do that, i will get him to write it down as it is a long name! when he spoke to me they said they did some research on all of what max had and it looked to them he had this condition, he said it is rare and Max is an extreme case.

mind you with all he has been through he is on the whole not a sickly dog, he is always happy and in good spirits, he is so at home at the vets, that when you put him on the table he lays down snuggles into me and goes asleep!!

Im getting the Pups vaccinated on Monday and my dogs too. have to ring to see if i can get MAx done though.

oh anyone have a number for a good carpet cleaner!!!!!!!!!!!!
as pups get bigger so does everything else!!!

On sunday i plan to trim and pamper them! nails and stuff!

does everyone here who has a boy tidy his bits? i was told but im not sure its true that if you dont trip the area he will get an infection from urine stuck to teh fur.

anyway pups getting a weee trim at weekend! excuse the pun!

25th November 2005, 10:27 AM
Fi, I always trim my boys' bits and bobs (well, they don't have any bobs as they've been done but you catch my drift ? !!!!

Maxx is such a grotbox that he never washes himself & thinks it's my job :shock: I also have to wash his tummy once a week as he squats instead of lifting his leg & tends to wee up it :roll:

25th November 2005, 10:46 AM
oh i am so glad you said that, as my Max doesnt cock his leg, but i didnt liek to say as was embarraced!!!!!! figured he watched Cloe and was never thought to lift, yet my pups from last year knew to do it and they were not tought, he used to look at them and you could nearly see the cogs moving!!!!!

then he would cock for a few days while they were there, adn then cock in the house!!! thought he had enough problems without broadcasting he wee's like a girl!!!!!!!!!

25th November 2005, 01:55 PM
Jaspar ususally does his first long wee as a squat, then lifts his leg for the rest of his walks to add his sprinkles here and there... :roll:

I have been told that trimming the hair on their penis actually causes them to wee all over themselves far worse then if you leave it grow, where it forms a kind of 'wick' and channels the urine into a stream. I found this was true after Jaspar was neutered and they trimmed his wick and he tended to spray rather than go in a stream til it grew back.

Fi you shouldn't need to trim the pups if this is what you are talking about doing?; indeed they aren't supposed to have their hair cut and some people say once you start to trim their coat it comes back coarser and curlier. I don;t think pups would need nails trimmed or anything yet (I never trim my dogs' nails though they get walked several times daily on pavement and that seems to keep them at a good length). I'd check with a vet. If I were buying a puppy I'd want all the coat there including the penis hair for the above reason!! I do truly believe you cause more hygiene problems by removing that wick hair thean by leaving it. This was the general concensus in a couple of discussions in the long past on this issue on another board and another list.

I do trim back Leo's stomach hair where it grows long; he tends to wee on it. But not all dogs have this issue and certainly shouldn;t be evaluated in this way for trimming off penis hair or long hair, I think, til they are getting their full coat and also beginning to lift their leg and so on. I know many do trim their cavaliers which isn't the breed standard; personally I would never do it; to me the whole point of owning these dogs (well along with the personality!) is their beautiful long coat. I'd hate to see puppies trimmed when they are only just getting their little coats. :)

25th November 2005, 02:36 PM
No i am not talking about thier coat, only trimming thier wick as you put it, nice way of putting it had not heard that before!!

anyway i have cut thier nails under my Vets advice plus it was my vet who told me to cut this hair, i like you do not agree with cutting Cavaliers hair either.

If i had not cut thier nails they would have made the mother bleed more than they had done already. i have also had to cut Cloe's nails as she has not been out for her walks now, but she will be getting back into the habbit now this weekend!!!!!!

i find it somewhat hard to deal with conflicting advice, as at teh end of the day you want to do what is best for your Pups and dogs. i have created a leaving pack for my new owners, consisting of lots of goodies. hope they like it as well as thier new addition!

i got nothing when i got my first pup and i had to try to find food she liked which was hard. i think good breeders offer not jsut a pup but a support part as well to help the transition for both owner and breeder and of course pup!

going back to the topic, i may not cut teh babies wick now, as what you say is actually very logical, but i am confused as to why i have been told to do it regularry.... maybe this is the cause of him not cocking??