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22nd November 2005, 12:29 PM
Hi everyone.
My name is Yvonne and i'm living in Celbridge, Co. Kildare.
I'm looking to buy a Cavalier and i'm not too sure where to start.
Is there anyone looking to sell any puppys? Or can anyone tell me where i should start my search.

22nd November 2005, 07:25 PM
I would look for a reputable breeder, be willing to wait as long as necessary.
You want to make sure the parents have had their hearts tested by a cardiologist not a vet, as well as eyes and hips. Any good breeder will have the hip x-rays sent off to be examined by a board specialist.

We just breed out co-owned little and I can tell you a lot more thought and planning went into this than ever went into my children. ;)

We now have a healthy litter of 6 pups all with homes waiting for them.

Also you should be prepared to be questioned thoroughly by your breeder. A good breeder is very careful whom they sell a puppy to and the environment the pup will be in. So expect the 3rd degree.

But I have to admit a healthy cavalier is worth every penny you pay for it.
And there is nothing that will ever replace it.

I can go home after a terrible day at the office and instantly for get all my head aches as soon as a Cavalier meets me at the door.

22nd November 2005, 07:50 PM
Hi Yvonne and RW and welcome! I see you are both new to the site and you are most welcome here.

There's nothing more delightful than a cavalier puppy (except lots of cavalier puppies!). Yvonne, I have suggestions on what to do if you are looking for a puppy in the Library section of the site. In Ireland, I recommend only using breeders recommended by the cavalier breed club. You can find them listed at www.ikc.ie under 'Buying a Dog'; if you ring they weill let you know who currently has or is expecting litters. Be aware though that being referenced by the breed club is only an indication that they recognise the breeder and not of the quality of their puppies or whether they do any health testing (sadly, almost no one in Ireland follows the internationally-recommended heart breeding protocols, so it will be difficult to find anyone who only breeds dogs that are heart-murmur free and whose parents are also known to be heart-murmur free still at age 5. Most cavaliers will ultimately succumb to mitral valve (heart) disease, with 50% having murmurs by age 5, so this is an important indicator of the longevity of a cavalier's lines and the likelihood that your pup will have as long and healthy a life as possible. I'd certainly recommend asking the breed club contact if they can offer the names of breeders who are known to do cardiac testing and follow the heart breeding protocols.

I'd absolutely avoid any listing for puppies in the Buy& Sell as few reputable breeders will list puppies in such a place and the majority of these are backyard bred with no regard for health or quality, or are being offered by brokers for puppy farms (see my puppy farm section at the bottom of the site to understand why you should avoid such puppies). Brokers are very adept at making it look like they are actual breeders but tip-offs are they will offer to come meet you with puppies or will bring the puppy alone to meet you in a room in their house and won't have the rest of the litter or the mother; you should always ask to see the mother.

I'd ask if the breeder shows their dogs as well as this is a strong indication of better quality dogs as they will have to be breeding acccording to the best standards of appearance for the breed. But that still is not an indication that they breed for health so you need to do your research in this area. There's a huge Dublin dog show just after Christmas which is a good time to get to know some of the show kennels names and even chat a bit with some of the breeders; also to see lots of cavaliers and see if this is the breed for you. The cavaliers are always one of the fiirst breeds on, so be sure to get there at the very start of the first day! I'll post more info when I have it on the show.

I don't allow puppies to be advertised here or offered for sale so any further discussions on possible breeders and puppies should be done by PMs (personal messages) if people want to contact you. I do list cavaliers that come into rescue in the breed rescue section, but these are never ppuppies and rarely young dogs either.

You'll have plenty of people here to answer all your questions on owning (and being owned by) a cavalier! cavtiny

23rd November 2005, 10:05 PM
welcome to the site. i used to be like you and i searched everywhere to find my little bundle of joy but i eventually got her and now shes a spoiled rotten little devil with an angelic face. :)

24th November 2005, 04:34 PM
Welcome Yvonne. It took me 18mths to find my first cavalier. I was offered others but I wasn't sure that the breeders were up to much. I have such a good rapport with the lady who bred Maxx though that 6 years later we are still in touch :D

If you are buying a Cavalier rather than taking a rescue then I would most definitely agree with Karlin about them wanting to grill you. Don't take it personally! I also grilled Maxx's breeder about the health of her dogs etc. She wasn't insulted but welcomed the questions as she said it showed that we knew what we were looking for :D

Being truthful, Maxx is the best thing that's ever happened to me. We have been through so much together and I swear he knows what I am thinking - he's my bestest friend in the whole wide World & the kids and hubby know that they and Charlie all come below him in the pecking order hahaha :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: