30th November 2005, 11:19 PM
Look here for a totally FAB Christmas Ornament....They look even better in person.


For you Midwesterners:
Boston Store had them on Sale today for $4.25 Each, Im going to try and purchase more tomorrow ( if they are still on Sale) and I may post them on Ebay to benifit Cavaliers...

Karlin: Any suggestions as to the best place to send the money...Im thinking SM Research in Honer Of Rory?

Please let me know if you all are interested in something like this....Perhaps even after the holidays when all of our bank accounts are a bit fuller? I just think it would be a wonderful way to give back a little after we all have learned so Much from Kendall

( Im also wondering if I should crosspost this to the other website...I think most everyone comes here too? )

1st December 2005, 12:49 AM
Rory would be QUITE honored if you were able to raise money to donate towards SM research! this is a wonderful idea! I think the ASAP group might be an appropriate resource, but maybe Karlin has annother idea? They support research for human and canine syringomyelia, I believe. Right now a lot of this research is converging, as the Cavaliers may be a good representation of the disease and a good way to study it since it's so widespread and prevalent in CKCSs.

1st December 2005, 01:59 AM
Im going to donate to Kendall's link ...so if you like you can bid...Im actually selling two of my own personal ones just becouse I think SM is so very important...Ill post them first thing in the morning...( better light for photos) and Ill post the link here after they are listed. Five day listing so that all of you can have it for Christmas....Hopefully I can find a few more but I wouldnt count on it.....All money will go to Kendalls link~ Im donating the Ornaments and the shipping as well as the listing fees....so what it goes for is what is sent. Ill be listing one Tri and One Blennie.