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Wrigs Mom
31st December 2005, 05:38 PM
I wanted to share my Cavalier Love Story..... (sorry if this is long!)

My name is Kristen and my husband, Clint and I fell in love with Cavaliers at a dog show. We did our research like crazy and tried to find a puppy in Illinois. After no luck because of the high demand (and some run-ins with puppy mills), I decided to extend my search to a 7 hour radius by car. I stumbled upon Kris and Bruce in Minnesota. With a bit of luck, a puppy was supposed to go to another owner, but they were moving and decided it wasn't a good time for a puppy. Kris was so knowledgable, friendly, and sent pictures right away. That's when I first saw my Wrigley. A cute, energetic pup ready for anything! We drove the 7-8 hours to Minnesota to pick up the little guy and it was more than worth it. We were blown away by the obvious love in the house for all these dogs. Wrigley was the ring-leader, ignored us at first because he was causing trouble with his brothers and sisters! Star, Wrigley's mom, was just beautiful. She was friendly and eager to be petted. Kris and Bruce have always been available when ever we had a question, love sending puppy pictures when Star has babies, and we love to send them pictures of growing Wrigs. I was never allowed to have a dog when I was growing up (same with my husband) and the amount of joy Wrigs brings to us makes me know that it was worth the wait for this incredible puppy. He's such a cuddler, loves chasing blowing leaves, and greets each visitor as if he/she has been special-ordered as a playdate for him! We look forward to getting another puppy from Kris and Bruce as soon as it's the right time. We wouldn't think of another breeder...they were just fantastic!

Here's my little one....(I'm new at posting pics, so if this doesn't work, I can try again!)

Wrigley and Mama Star



31st December 2005, 09:19 PM
Nice pictures. And such a precious puppy. Wish I lived closer to Bruce. There is not dought the have wonderful dogs and puppys. Keep on enjoying yours. Cavaliers are very special. Not like any other dog I have ever had.

Bruce H
1st January 2006, 11:42 AM
OMG, welcome to the board! Did Kris let you know about the board or did you just happen to find it? I think you'll find there are a great bunch of people here with an incredible wealth of information.

I remember Wrigley well! There's one leader of the pack in every litter and Wrigley was definately it. He was usually able to dominate the other puppies, but he got put in his place a few times when he thought he could take on one of the adults or when two of his siblings would gang up on him together :) And yet if one of his siblings was crying about something, he always seemed to be the first to see what was going on. We watch every litter as they develop and try to guess who is going to be the "ring-leader".

Kris and I are always so happy to hear about him and that he is doing so well. You have no idea how much we look forward to seeing pictures as the puppies grow and become adults. I mean, we really get just like grandparents looking at grandchildren when pictures come; we're just hopeless!! BTW, I loved the card you sent, really cute!

And thankyou for the kind words; you make Kris and I blush.

2nd January 2006, 12:39 AM
Welcome to the board and to all of us Cavalier devotees. Unfortunately though I wasn't able to access the photos of Wrigley but I am sure that he is beautiful. Is he a blenheim?
Julie and the girls

Wrigs Mom
2nd January 2006, 01:26 AM
Hi, everyone! Bruce, I found out about this talk forum through your blog (which is great by the way). Someone mentioned that you were talking about birthing the litter on cavaliertalk.com so I wanted to pop in and read all about Star and Anna. I've been browsing and looking at everyone's pictures...us Cavalier owners all have an obsession....our DOGS!!! I knew I'd fall in love with Wrigs, but didn't know how much. He has just added so much to our family! My mom, who would never even touch a dog before, cuddles with Wrigs, talks to him, and always asks how he is. She even talks to her friends about him!

The litters of Star's and Anna's pups are so precious. IT's been so neat reading all about the process and thinking that was Wrigley almost 2 years ago. You are right on about Wrigley, too.....he wears the pants! He's the boss and it's gotten him a squirt with the water bottle on more than one occassion! Clint and I love keeping in touch with you and Kris...we don't know how you let ANY of these puppies out of your house! I'd keep them all!

As far as the pictures...I tried again and am not sure it's going through. I would try to cut and paste the URL and see if it works. But, yes..Wrigley is a blenheim and proud son of Star!!!!!

2nd January 2006, 01:27 AM
Hi and welcome! You can tell us all the inside stories on Bruce and Kris... :lol: . Shutterfly unfortunately won't work as a place to post photos from -- the reason why is explained here: http://www.cavaliertalk.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=84 -- basically it is a security problem. You can upoad pics to free sites like photobucket.com or flickr.com and then post those links here using the IMG tags, and the pictures themselves will appear. Or, people can view your pics just by clicking on the links -- I took out the IMG tags so that people can click through directly. Hope you enjoy the board. :)

Heritage Cavaliers
2nd January 2006, 02:23 AM
Hello and welcome - wonderful to see new members and what a beautiful baby you have!!!


2nd January 2006, 02:45 AM
It's always wonderful to hear testimonials on great breeders. Of course - we already knew how fabulous Bruce and Kris are!!

Welcome to the board. Wrigley is a doll! :D

Heritage Cavaliers
2nd January 2006, 03:30 AM
Oh Yes !! Many thanks to Bruce for his wonderful postings on Anna and Star's litter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!