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4th January 2006, 06:28 PM
Just wanted to check if anyone else has come across this.

Last night, when I was combing Teddy's tail, he suddenly expressed some liquid and stuff from his anal glands. They weren't compacted, infected or even smelly :roll: {'m a bit obsessive about checking them as the other two have had impacted glands before, so check at least every other day icon_yikes }

This is the 2nd time this has happened, both times when I've been combing his tail and I wondered if maybe pulling on the tail slightly in a certain direction could cause this?

He wasn't at all distressed and didn't cry out or anything.

4th January 2006, 07:31 PM
If you can encourage Teddy's anal glads to express just by combing his tail, that's quite a useful trait!

We had the vet express Cedar's anal glands when she was about 3 or 4 mo old. Her stools were pretty runny then, and she wasnt able to express them on her own. She's done fine now with a change of food; her stools are firmer and she hasnt had any more problems. I'm glad, as I do not think I could express her glands myself and I would have to have to pay the vet to do it frequently! Now, if I knew I could express them by combing her tail.... it might not be such a bad experience!

5th January 2006, 01:09 AM
Good sign that he's able to express them on his own! this indicates he hopefully wo n't have trouble with them getting blocked. I'm sure pulling on the tail when you're brushing it changes the muscles around so that the anal gland opens and lets some fluid out. My cat does this, too....

6th January 2006, 11:52 AM
Ladys stools are like an icescream cone stool rather then a log, i this ok or should i be looking at changing her diet?

7th January 2006, 08:45 PM
I hadn't thought of it like that - I guess it is preferable to getting blocked glands :lol:

Even though I was brushing him on our bed - fortunately with a cover underneath him at the time...and when I'd cleaned him up, he then tried to eat the tissue :shock:

What a little charmer!!

Fi, it sounds like Lady's stools are a bit soft - maybe best to start a new thread about feeding, so that people see it. Also go back through the old threads about feeding. I'm a big fan of Burns foods personally - the dogs do small firm poos on this - however I do think you need to give them bran a couple of times a week, to add bulk and empty the anal glands properly. They have about 3 teaspoons - mixed with water - and it's wheatbran, NOT human All Bran cereal.

30th June 2007, 04:59 AM
boy am i grateful for the search function on this board! i have a friend's cavalier staying with us for a couple of weeks. tonight i was brushing his tail (which is far more beautiful than either of my two's tails) and i noticed a very unpleasant smell. upon checking further i found that his anal glands had emptied. i was worried about this and was checking all sorts of sites thinking i had an emergency on my hands. then i searched here. i will watch him carefully in the next few days, but i'm pretty sure it was the same reflex you had seen.


30th June 2007, 06:41 AM
Yeah I think that is a great thing that they are so easily expressed. I have heard other say that by just pressing gently near the anus the anal glands had emptied. Sure beats really having to squeeze & cause pain.

30th June 2007, 08:52 AM
My papillons empty when she is scared. not very pleasent

30th June 2007, 05:07 PM
My papillons empty when she is scared. not very pleasent

ohhhh nice...... not:grnyuk:
poor you!

30th June 2007, 05:28 PM
She's a scatty little thing so she gets scared quite easily

5th July 2007, 02:54 PM
I really dont know if I want to know the answer to this but am I supposed to do something with my dogs anal glands. Sorry, i have no idea about it, I have just read this thread and am worried that I am not doing something for my dogs that I should be doing. Can someone please explain what the anal gland is and what its supposed to do?

5th July 2007, 11:42 PM
Sue, normally you wouldn't have to even know about anal glands. I've had dogs all of my life and it wasn't until we adopted Sonny that I needed to learn the grusome truth about anal glands.

Basically it is a set of glands just inside the rectum. When a dog poops it puts pressure on the glands and empties some mucus out with the poo. Yeah I know it is gross. I think the anal glands are a remnant of times gone by as was used in scenting. Sometimes when a dog gets a big fright these glands express. You may have smelled a really disgusting smell at the vets sometime? This would probably be where a dog got frightened & let go.

Most of the time all goes well, but occasionally, and it seems Cavaliers are a little prone, these glands can get impacted. If you notice your dogs scooting or looking uncomfortable around his rear end, then these could be a signal that he has some problems in that area.

A visit to the vets is probably the best idea for the first time around, but if you end up with a dog that has an ongoing problem, the vets can show you how to help him out. Like I said though... for most of the time you don't need to worry about it.

6th July 2007, 08:52 AM
Thanks Caraline, the next time I am at the vets I will get her to check them. I really dont think I would have the stomach to do that myself :)

6th July 2007, 01:57 PM
My hubby has decided to learn how to empty Alfies glands as we are visiting the vet every 8 weeks. She has now shown him what to do and given him a practical lesson. I was so embarressed in Tescos last week when I had to ask for a tube of KY gel (recommended by the vet) made worse by me stating " its for my husband to use on the dog":eek:

7th July 2007, 11:01 AM
I was so embarressed in Tescos last week when I had to ask for a tube of KY gel (recommended by the vet) made worse by me stating " its for my husband to use on the dog":eek:


Years ago my Suzy had year on year problems with this and the vet decided to teach my brothers how to do it (they chicken out in the end :rolleyes:) But I do remember the vet telling them to put a warm damp towel over the area to help open the glands up before they tried to empty them.