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18th January 2006, 01:30 PM
I took Dudley for a playdate this past Sunday, he has been to this particular home before. They just recently purchased a new puppy and I was interested to see how he would react with the puppy.

I know that the transition period of introducing a new puppy to your home
takes time, but he showed absolutely no interest at all and when I or my son held the puppy he was upset.

For those of you who have had playdates, and are looking to get another
puppy is this normal, I fear that when I do hear from my breeder that
her Ruby is with puppies that Dudley will have a difficult time adjusting.
This couple's dog also had a hard time adjusting, to the point he got so
nervous he ended up with runny poops and seemed quite nervous.
Although they say now things are starting to change, I worry, I guess I
was expecting more interaction between the dogs.
He did run in the backyard and the puppy followed along with the other dog, but I guess my expectations were too high for the interaction between the 3 dogs.

Any advice would be appreciated

Dudley has been a only baby for 2 years, and has received our devoted attention constantly.
Is it possible for his good nature to change at all, as this I would hate to see.

Thanking you in advance
Linda & Dudley

18th January 2006, 01:54 PM
Not all dogs are best pals on the first meeting. My own two really like to meet and play with dogs they see regularly but would hang back generally on first meeting, though they tend to always feel happy with other cavaliers. Some dogs do not care much for puppies (in the same way some people don't get too excited at visits to friends that involve demanding toddlers... :lol: ). Generally after they get time together they find them more interesting. Dogs generally adjust pretty quickly to a new arrival (as in a second dog) but it does take patience and time.

A puppy is to my mind is not really the best playdate partner for an adult dog, if there are no other dogs there at all to keep things more interesting. It is like throwing together a 9 year old and a baby -- might be interesting for a bit but after that, they want to do their own thing. As the puppy gets older and Dudley gets to know him they will probably show more interest in each other.

Is Dudley generally interested in other dogs that he meets on walks or your other friends? If he has not really been socialised to other dogs this is probably part of the issue and it would be good to keep giving him time to meet other dogs -- gradually and without being pushed.

Jaspar and Leo have certain dogs they always like seeing but these are relationships they develop over time (just like people!).

18th January 2006, 02:24 PM
Is Dudley generally interested in other dogs that he meets on walks or your other friends? If he has not really been socialised to other dogs this is probably part of the issue and it would be good to keep giving him time to meet other dogs -- gradually and without being pushed.


Whenever we take Dudley for a walk he is great with other dogs, my neighbor has a dog and whenevery he see's her he is extremely friendly.

At times he is a little shy with the tail wagging between his legs, usually this happens with more aggressive dogs.

Our visit also included a 3 year old Cavalier.

I was actually going to enroll him in Obdience School but the classes are
already half done, so we will have to wait for the next session to start
which is not until March. :cry: :cry:

He has been to this home before to play with the 3 year old Cavalier but the puppy was not around at this time.

Thanks Karlin, it does make sense that when you put an older dog or human together with a baby dog or human they really do not share
common interests.
I see this in my daycare with the younger children and the older children
and how they interact together.
I guess my expectations of the interaction was too high and I am feeling
a little disappointed.
It is a big decision to add another dog to our family, especially the type
of business I run. When we brought Dudley home my husband actually
built a x-pen which was about 4 x 6 feet to keep all little hands away.
Also to give Dudley the freedom to be able to move without being malled,
I did explain to the children a puppy is just like a baby and they need lots
of rest. They were all very good, my only other concern is that I would
probably not be able to get this puppy until the end of May beginning of
June, if mom is with puppies and I have completely forgotten how long
the refrain time is for going on public walks.
We go north to our caravan every wkd, and I am wondering if I should
maybe wait for the next litter.
Not that I even know if their is actually a litter at the moment, here in
Canada at the moment we are in the middle of a election which takes place this coming Monday. My breeder has not been around due to working at Elections Canada, she also advised me that she would let me know if her girl has gone into season, I have yet to hear anything but have a feeling she may be waiting to see if she is with puppies. Karlin
I know that they come into season twice a year, so if it did not take, then
maybe I will have to wait until her next season which timing wise would
be better for me. I know my breeder only breeds her dogs once a year.
I am baffled, so after this huge post what is the time frame again before
they can go on public walks.
Our summers are so short here in Canada, that I would hate to be confined and does that mean I will not be able to walk Dudley too ?????
I really appreciate your input.

Bruce H
18th January 2006, 06:34 PM
I would not be too concerned about the play date you had. I think Karlin is correct about the age difference being a good part of the issue. When we have our 2 litters of puppies (now 6 weeks) out of their pen with the adults, the adults that are most interested (other than the 2 moms) are the younger ones that are in the 9 to 12 month old range. They play together until everyone is exhausted. On the other hand, the older adults play for a short period of time and then the puppies become "pesky little critters" and the adults look for higher ground (the couch) where the puppies can't get at them so easily.

On the other hand, we also dogsit for other Cavaliers. We have found that it takes anywhere from half a day to 1 1/2 days for the adult visitor and our dogs to adjust. During this adjustment period we have to keep a close eye on them while everyone gets used to each other. We occaisionally see signs of stress during the "break-in period", but it usually doesn't last. We also tend to crate the visitor every so often for an hour or so to give him a break from our crew; our 9 dogs can be a bit overwhelming at times.

Hope this helps.