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23rd January 2006, 09:53 PM
Hi! My name is Kathleen and I got my first Cavalier in Sept. She is a black/tan and we are so in love with her.
I swore from the time my kids could say the word "dog" we would NEVER, EVER own a dog. By the way, I have two girls ages 5 and 8. I've never been a dog person. Well as usual while at the mall the kids made me go into the pet store. I ususally stay back while they are in the little rooms holding them, as I've always think dogs stink.
Then out comes this little creature called a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. This is no dog. This is an angel from heaven. The dog was so sweet and with those big eyes it was calling our name. Well at that price I was not going to make a hasty decision. So I went home and researched. Found out about pet stores and puppy mills. I contacted several breeders and found the one that I was most comfortable with (even though there was a heavy price with her).
Anyways, she has two females pregnant right now and we will be bring home our second pup (this time a ruby) in Mid March/early April. A year ago I would have said "Hell no, I'll never own a dog". Here I am about to add a second one to our family. When he or she is born and brought home they will be 2 months and 9 months. If I could, I'd buy both her new litters.
Anyways, thanks for letting me babble! I've been lurking around for quite sometime and decided to come out of the woodwork as I had a question for Bruce.
Take care!

23rd January 2006, 10:14 PM
Welcome Kathleen! Funny how one can go from "no dogs!" to" maybe a second one wouldn't be bad..." Especially with Cavaliers. ;)

Hope to see pictures! I just love, love, love wholecolors...wonder why...

Heritage Cavaliers
23rd January 2006, 10:47 PM
How exciting for you!! Yes - seems like you can not just have one :lol: :lol:

Wish you the best and welcome to the board - always nice to see new members!!!


23rd January 2006, 11:02 PM
Welcome! Is your first a black and tan then? You will need to post pictures in the gallery and give us names etc! Remember there are four colours so plenty of opportunity for owning multiple cavaliers... :lol:

24th January 2006, 12:14 AM
Yeah...totally can relate.

I hate dogs, all dogs. All my friends had dogs and I couldnt stand any of them. Not one redeeming quality~ why on earth would anyone ever have a dog?

Then comes the Cavalier....Im wondering now ~ how many I can have at one time? Cant imagine my life without a Cavalier in it...and Maxwell is never far from my side. I also have two daughters about your daughters ages...and they are smitten with the breed also. Such wonderful guys these dogs are....welcome to the board and congrats on your new little one....( Im green with envey) ;)

24th January 2006, 01:53 AM
Welcome Kathleen! Let's see some pictures! :D

Cathy T
24th January 2006, 03:12 AM
hahaha!!! I was such a "no dogs" person. Couldn't stand the dog hair and drool. Yuck, who would want to live with that??!! Then, along came Jake and now I could care less about dog hair in my coffee! Add Shelby to the mix and I'm just flat out in heaven!!

Welcome to the madness!!

Oh yeah, congratulations on being a smart dog buyer and not giving into the temptation to take the first one you saw. How wise of you to research first and then buy based on your research. Sure wish everyone who bought a dog did it this way!

24th January 2006, 09:39 AM
Welcome Kathleen! And two cavaliers is definitely the way to go! :)
Julie and the girls

Bruce H
24th January 2006, 12:20 PM
Welcome Kathleen! Feel free to ask away, I'll do my best to answer. And if I don't know the answer, there are a LOT of people here who are extremely knowlegeable about our breed.

You know, you and I could be twins! In the beginning I also was not a dog person; I mean every dog smells bad and does disgusting things, right?? For years I told my wife "NO DOGS". After a lot of time it occurred to me that it wasn't fair, as she let me get most anything I wanted. So off she went researching breeds. I thought "OK, she's going to get a purebred, so its going to be expensive, maybe $500". When she finally settled on a Cavalier and I found out the cost, I almost passed out! I had no idea a dog could cost that much. But it was HER dog, so get what you want. To make a long story short, it took about 2 weeks and it became OUR dog; I absolutely fell in love with the breed. If someone had told me 10 years ago I would have 9 dogs and be showing and breeding, I would have told them they were crazy. Welcome to the Cavalier addiction!!!

24th January 2006, 07:04 PM
Thank you all for the warm welcome! I will get pictures of Isabelle (my black and tan) as soon as I get a chance to figure out how to post them using the links I've seen in other posts. I told my husband to get me an avatar of her as well. We will be getting a ruby in the spring. The mom is pregnant right now and due in 3 weeks. :-) Can't wait!

Bruce, I actually had a question posted to you and found the answer elsewhere on the board, so I deleted the post. Kind of embarrassing, but I was trying to figure out what it meant to poop and pee the babies yourself. :oops: But I found someone else that asked you the same question. Very interesting. LOL.