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  1. The dogs needing homes are now up and listed!

    You can see them at www.ckcsrescue.com and also on the Facebook page for Irish Cavalier Rescue. There are a few more coming as well. Applications can be downloaded from the rescue site. I give priority in the order I receive a suitable application that is the right match for a given dog so do not delay if you are interested in a particular cavalier or cavalier cross. ...
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  2. Irish Cav Rescue: current dogs needing homes!

    I have a number of dogs currently needing homes at irish Cavalier Rescue. First off are CJ and Sly, who are awaiting a home TOGETHER. This father and son pair of tricolours are extremely affectionate and just adorable! They like kids but would prefer a teen or adult home rather than a home with small children. Just look at these sofa-hogs! These are the perfect dogs for someone who wants an instant pair of companions, well-behaved and house-trained.

  3. Irish Cavalier Rescue now on Facebook

    Come visit us on Facebook, where Irish Cavalier Rescue has a new fan page!


    People can upload pictures of their cavaliers, if they wish to share 'happy endings' for one of our rescue doglets! There are already some adoptees there and I hope many more to come.

    I hope that Facebook will enable ICR dogs to reach a wider audience when they are looking for new homes.

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  4. Off to the UK!

    Some of the dogs (and me and partner) are off to the UK on Saturday for a week in a dog-friendly cottage. Alongside exploring the region and the beaches, eating some nice meals, and doing some cycling, we have tickets for Rigoletto in Cardiff (very excited about that as I really like the baritone lead, and will be fun to see subtitles in English and Welsh!). I'll be online sporadically so it may take me a while to OK registrations or reply to any PMs or posts.
  5. Remember you can customise your blog!

    There are some new blog features with the latest release of the board software. People can use a photo or any image as the background of their blog, for example. You can create tags for posts (which means they go into the tag search cloud), and do lots of other things. The best way to see what is there and understand how things work is to try some posts and settings.

    There's some basic information in the FAQ section too.

    Happy blogging!
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