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  1. Irish Cav Rescue: current dogs needing homes!

    I have a number of dogs currently needing homes at irish Cavalier Rescue. First off are CJ and Sly, who are awaiting a home TOGETHER. This father and son pair of tricolours are extremely affectionate and just adorable! They like kids but would prefer a teen or adult home rather than a home with small children. Just look at these sofa-hogs! These are the perfect dogs for someone who wants an instant pair of companions, well-behaved and house-trained.

  2. Irish Cavalier Rescue now on Facebook

    Come visit us on Facebook, where Irish Cavalier Rescue has a new fan page!


    People can upload pictures of their cavaliers, if they wish to share 'happy endings' for one of our rescue doglets! There are already some adoptees there and I hope many more to come.

    I hope that Facebook will enable ICR dogs to reach a wider audience when they are looking for new homes.

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