1. Boys bathed and ready for their hols

    KFC was soooooooo nice (for a treat)

    Merlin thought he should have some and put his pouty face on. Didn't work tho as mummy and dadyy are meanies with food

    Ran a bath with sanex bubbles for the pair of them. Merlin was squeaky clean already - could have got in the bath water after him!

    Popped Merls on the toilet in his dressing gown whilst I washed mucky pup Oakley - ohhhh he's a dirty one!

    After a good rub down and half an hour ...
  2. Diary of two monsters..... and their mum

    Well today we have been up and down the cellar steps umpteen times getting ready to go camping this weekend in the rain! All the gear is now loaded in the car. Merlin was helping Dad by standing in the way in the boot of the car. Oakley on the other hand does not seem too bothered, he was busy having a snooze on the back of the settee.

    After tea it will be bath time, though I don't know why I'm bothering as they will be in the sea tommorow

    I'm gonna go ...