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  1. merlinsmum's Avatar
    Thanks will need it after doing the Polls for the calender!
  2. Cleo's Person's Avatar
    I hope it goes wonderfully well and will be counting down the minutes for you!
  3. Cleo's Person's Avatar
    Oh I tried that dress on!!!!! It's beautiful. You must feel amazing in it! I wish you well wear with it!
  4. merlinsmum's Avatar
    The wedding is 18th December 2009

    The dress will be in claret (where the green bits are)

    I'm going looking at Tiaras tommorow
  5. Cleo's Person's Avatar
    Congratulations Kirsty! You must be so delighted to have found the perfect dress. It's a really special moment when that happens. Are you going for the green detail or are you going with a different colour?
  6. ice-cavi's Avatar
    that is a beautyful dress,I can understand why you didn´t want to take the chance and wait
    When are you getting married ?
    (sorry I´m so curious,just love weddings .....)
    Good luck with the planning,it´s a bit stressful but also lots of fun!
  7. Cleo's Person's Avatar
    Oh goodness that's very very early! Hope the camping goes well.