1. Beau graduates from Class I to Class II

    My little man Beau has graduated once again & will be starting Obedience Class II next week. I am so proud of him. He achieved:

    Heeling on loose lead;
    About turns left & right, pivot turns;
    Drop & stay for 3 minutes;
    Sit & stay for 3 minutes;
    Long distance stay & recall with finish;
    Meet & greet with sits, stands & drops;
    Stand for inspection (was our biggest challenge)

    He is exhausted now & ...
    Obedience Training
  2. That brings us up to date!

    All the blog entries prior to this date have been copied across from the old blogging spot. That brings us up to date, so here is where we currently are at.

    Obedience Training

    Anybody who had read my earlier blog entries would know that I had planned to have Sonny & Beau going through obedience training together. Beau's training got put on hold until Sonny went through beginners, and then in Class I I linked them up together. It was fun and I think with 2 dogs ...
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  3. 15th March 2008 - The boys are going to be neutered

    I really didn't think that I would ever get Sonny & Beau neutered. I've always been against unnecessary surgery and I love the boy in the boy. However, I do have to admit that what started off as a very rare pee in the house, has started to be more frequent.

    When we adopted Sonny at age 2 he was very easy to housetrain (well he already was) & he didn't mark in the house. Beau also was very easy to housetrain. The problem seemed to start when Beau hit puberty and I thin the problem ...
  4. 15th March 2008 - Sonny joins Beau in Class I

    Well with the big break from obedience training most of December & January, finally Sonny got to graduate from Beginners Obedience. Tomorrow will be Beau & Sonny's second training session as a team. Last Sunday was fun, having them on the double leash. Sonny did seem a little reluctant to perform, but Beau had not forgotten anything and was in there full of enthusiasm.

    I've received mixed opinions from the many different trainers in our club. Some thing training both together ...
    Obedience Training
  5. 28th November 2007 - Last day of training for the year

    Last Sunday was the last obedience class of the year. We resume the first Sunday in February. Though this means that Sonny’s 8 week Beginners Obedience class gets split up into 2 sections, it also means we won’t be training in the full blast of summer, which is a good thing. We had our half way mark assessment & Sonny passed with flying colours.

    Taking both dogs to training has been the best experience. Sonny & Beau have really different personalities & it has been fun
    Obedience Training
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