Our Little Adventures

Out & about, sniffing around, just general stuff

  1. 30th June 2007 - The Doggy Door

    We put a doogy door in today. This has been a mission of female persistence (men like to call it nagging) that has paid off. Hubby was/is very against the whole idea as he says we are destroying a beautiful & expensive door. But he loves me, so he put the door in for me agaist his better judgement. I must tell you that I saw a look of pure pleasure as he watched first Beau and then a reluctant Sonny popping through it.

    We chose a fairly simple design, with a single transparent
  2. 14th May 2007 - Mothers Day

    Yesterday being Mothers' Day, I first took Beau to his puppy class and then I bundled he & Sonny into the car & headed up to my mum & dad's place. This was Beau & Sonny's first sleep over and they were absolute angels. We had no accidents in the house, which they explored from room to room. At bed time I made up a little area next to my bed, using their x-pen & with their blankies on the bottom. They slept there all night without a peep.

    They were just so well behaved.
  3. 30th April 2007 - No man to protect us

    We have only had small dogs for a couple of months and up to date any walks I have done with the little ones has been with my husband. I’ve always felt confident walking my Boxers alone, as no other dogs seem to bother them. It has been in the back of my mind though, how I would go when confronted by off-leash dogs when I am walking the Cavaliers. Well today I decided Sonny (our adopted 2 year old Cavalier) and I should venture out on our own and build up our confidence about walking ...