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  1. milftastic's Avatar
    my thoughts are with you, it must be a very difficult time. I would find it very hard to see my dog like that, especially with the seizures.
  2. Cleo's Person's Avatar
    As I noted in the celebration thread - that's fabulous! You've absolutely enabled him to flourish and thrive doing something he clearly loves.
  3. CupofDog's Avatar
    I feed my Cavalier raw - he loves it and is thriving. Many people have concerns, yes, but I am highly sanitary and use the best quality, freshest meat I can. I feel the risk of raw feeding is less then the risk of commercial feeding - at least in the USA!
  4. Caraline's Avatar
    Thank you Cleo's Person. Yes, Beau graduated into Class II today, so I am confident I did the right thing in letting him go through on his own.
  5. Cleo's Person's Avatar
    Caraline, I'm sorry it didn't work out doing obedience with both boys at once. I know how excited you were at the thought. If it's not really Sonny's thing hopefully Beau will continue to flourish and enjoy it now he's back on his ownsome.