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  1. Water Baby - Not!

    This morning Cleo and I went for a walk around the Lough, a pond which is also a bird sanctuary and is a two minute walk from the front door, but lovely to walk around.

    Anyway, while we were walking around, we came across a black Lab accompanied by a Blenheim Cavalier! Both were running in and out of the slipway into the pond. Cleo got so excited to see them she ran accross the grass to watch them in the water - remember this is the doggie who HATES water. She was so enthusiastic to ...

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    Day to Day Life
  2. Going up the Stairs Come Hell or High Water

    Cleo loves running up the stairs in our house. We live in a two up two down and the stairs is off the kitchen so she loves running up them, especially when we're cooking as she gets all the good smells at the top of the stairs.

    Her other favourite reason for running up the stairs is the fact that she can easily break into our bedroom. The catch on that door doesn't work properly and so all she needs to do to break in is to scratch the door a few times with her paw and it opens quite ...

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    Day to Day Life
  3. Starting Up - Introducing Cleo

    Ok, I thought I'd give this a go. I have never been the best at maintaining a diary but here goes.

    Cleo came into our lives almost two years ago. She is the most determined little doggie I have ever met. Our dog growing up was a white lab called Champ (very original name I know!) and he was very chilled out and just went along with whatever was happening.

    Cleo definitely know what she likes and likes what she knows! She is a creature of habit and does not like it when ...

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