The rear end rescue blog - an anal gland surgery diary

Like many other cavalier’s, Molly and Éowyn have had many infections in their anal glands. We have been to all vet checks as recommended (at least once a year) where the anal glands also were checked and expressed. The first couple of years no serious problems, but now the infection comes back every 8-10 months; normally without any “warning” beforehand. We considered surgery for a long time, but it was difficult to find any written experience about it. Therefore I am writing this blog diary from a couple of days before their surgery, and until they have recovered. Hopefully you will find it useful, and please feel free to comment with your experiences, too. Surgery is not something you should do without considering it carefully, and we have had many thoughts and discussions about it beforehand. There are good and bad experiences with surgery, and this is just one point of view.

  1. Surgery day + 2 days

    by , 2nd February 2012 at 05:58 PM (The rear end rescue blog - an anal gland surgery diary)
    It was a rough night. Éowyn hadn’t pooped since the morning at the vet, and even though she wanted to, it was too difficult for her to let go. Right now we have a cold winter period (cold for Denmark) with -15⁰C in the night (5⁰F) and chilly winds, so I didn’t want her to be out too long. Anyway, I decided not to force her, when she wanted to go inside again.

    We had taken their big crate into the spare bedroom, since I decided it was better to let them sleep there. I didn’t ...