The rear end rescue blog - an anal gland surgery diary

Like many other cavalier’s, Molly and Éowyn have had many infections in their anal glands. We have been to all vet checks as recommended (at least once a year) where the anal glands also were checked and expressed. The first couple of years no serious problems, but now the infection comes back every 8-10 months; normally without any “warning” beforehand. We considered surgery for a long time, but it was difficult to find any written experience about it. Therefore I am writing this blog diary from a couple of days before their surgery, and until they have recovered. Hopefully you will find it useful, and please feel free to comment with your experiences, too. Surgery is not something you should do without considering it carefully, and we have had many thoughts and discussions about it beforehand. There are good and bad experiences with surgery, and this is just one point of view.

  1. Surgery day + 1 day

    by , 1st February 2012 at 07:14 PM (The rear end rescue blog - an anal gland surgery diary)
    Warning – today it is a very long post with explicit photographs below!

    Homecoming today! We had prepared for a few days with dogs without bladder and intestine control:
    I and the dogs move to the spare bedroom for the first days; if accidents happen only one small bed has to be cleaned.
    • Next to the bed I have placed two of their baskets/cradles, if they feel more comfortable there during the night.
    • Lots of clean towels and soft cloths to clean them if accidents
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