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  1. Puppy Buying Advice.......... UPDATE

    I am about to update my puppy buying advice website: and so have been checking breed club websites.

    I must admit I was dismayed to see that the Cavalier Club has removed their puppy register from the health testing breeder that was running it so well, despite the fact she is now back again on their committee.

    On my website I have suggested that puppy buyers should contact the Cavalier Club. I was confident that buyers would be given information about ...
  2. The Cavalier Collection volunteered pets are helping the breed.

    The publication of a new study to describe microscopic changes in the spinal cord of cavaliers with syringomyelia, and in particular to compare symptomatic (in pain) and asymptomatic (non painful) dogs, has great significance for the Cavalier Collection Scheme.

    This paper is a consequence of the tissue collection studies

    The first Collection Scheme was started in 2007 when Professor Nick Jeffery, who was then at Cambridge, ...
  3. Cavaliers and the delays in implementing proposed official health screening

    The KC and the BVA are meeting to discuss the responses they have received to the proposal of partial publication of scan results.
    So I thought I would write and point out the flaws in the cavalier clubs' feedback exercise.............

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    From: Margaret Carter
    To: ; ; ; ; ; ...
  4. The BVA/KC CMSM Scheme. A wasted feedback exercise

    Up till now all Offiicial Schemes have published full results.

    In the case of the BVA/KC CMSM Scheme the Kennel Club proposed only the name of the dog and its age at scanning should be published.

    UK Cavalier Club members have been sent a paper asking for feedback on this partial publication proposal (The proposal is shown at the end of this blog )
    There are two options 'agree' or 'disagree' and a comments box.
    The option for 'full publication' of results and ...
  5. Polling for publication of the Official MRI Scheme results

    There is some confusion surrounding the proposals for publishing the results of the BVA/KC CMSM Scheme, so I thought I would try and clarify the situation as I understand it.

    Anyone who thinks I have got things wrong is welcome to contact me with their views. If not a member of this forum, there is a comment form on my website

    The confusion about this scheme dates back to a meeting in February. In an attempt to win breeder support for the scheme ...
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