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  1. A question that concerns pet owners too...Should MRI scan results be published?

    As anyone reading my earlier blogs and my posts on the forum will know, I believe that getting results from the BVA/KC CMSM Scheme published is vital for the future of cavaliers.

    It will ensure that breeders are honest about the dogs they use for breeding.
    It will identify the much needed grade A stud dogs for responsible breeders, and it will let puppy buyers check that the litter is from health screened parents before they go & look & fall in love with a puppy.
  2. More on the CMSM and the BVA/KC Scheme

    It has been very heartening to see how the complexities of CMSM are now being openly discussed.

    There can be very few serious breeders that have not realised what an uncertain future the breed faces.

    Many of us fear that it will prove to be too late to reverse what we have blindly bred into our dogs.
    I hope we are wrong.

    This is a beautiful breed, but public opinion is unlikely to condone the continued breeding of little dogs that face an increasing ...

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  3. What is the Alternative to the BVA/KC MRI Scheme?

    A question that those who want to reject the Scheme do not seem able or willing to answer, despite being asked many times.

    The truth is probably something they are unable to admit to openly.

    * They do not want a scheme.

    * They do not want to scan and
    remove SM affected cavaliers from their breeding programme.

    *They want to go on breeding as before, without doing any health checks.

    For those that have been confused by the ...
  4. Is the BVA/KC MRI Scheme an Official Secret?

    It appears that the long awaited BVA/KC MRI scheme may be delayed.

    First proposed in early 2008, and now nearly completed, it appears that many of the regional club health representatives are recommending that it be rejected
    It is difficult to know quite what is going on, as it appears that details are being guarded as if the subject is covered by the Official Secret Acts.

    It appears that even to ask when a meeting between the KC and Cavalier Clubs Health Liaison
  5. The Cavalier Collection Scheme is changing. UK Owners, please read.

    This is a blog on what can be a sensitive and very emotive subject for the owner of a much loved dog.

    It is in the nature of all of us to avoid thinking about situations that will hurt and grieve us, but I hope that UK cavalier owners will just take a little time to read this.

    Cavaliers as a breed have a great many health problems, and researchers and responsible breeders are struggling to give puppies that are yet to be born the chance of a pain free future.

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