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  1. Happy SGM Anniversary

    Two years ago today I was voted off the Cavalier Club committee for appearing on the Film 'Pedigree Dogs Exposed'

    On Thursday the Cavalier Club has a meeting in Leicester to inform members about the BVA/KC MRI Scheme & to update them on syringomyelia research

    Are the two events connected?
    Have a look at the film yourself and decide


    The idea for this blog was sparked off by an introduction ...
  2. My Evidence for APGAW

    There has been some interesting discussion about breed clubs and breeders attitude to health testing, so I thought I would blog some of the written evidence I submitted for the APGAW report that followed on from the film Pedigree Dogs Exposed.

    I'm pleased to say that the health monitoring system mentioned at the end, in point 5. is be trialed, thanks to the RSPCA........

    I would like to ask that secondary legislation of the Animal Welfare Act, ...
  3. Buying a cavalier puppy

    Many people will be aware that I keep a list of breeders that say they scan their cavaliers.

    I am getting more and more enquiries every week, especially now I have a puppy buying advice website www.cavalierpuppy.co.uk , so I would be pleased to pass on the names of anyone with puppies from health tested parents.

    I also send out information that tells buyers how to read health certificates and I thought it may be a good idea to put it here as a blog.

    Please ...

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  4. Why I withdrew from this Year's Cavalier Club Committee Election

    In 2008 I appeared in a television documentary called ‘Pedigree Dogs Exposed’ and confirmed that a winning cavalier stud dog had an inherited disease.

    Within dog breeding circles there is an unspoken, but strongly held, feeling that health problems should not be given publicity.

    This article gives a much better description of the thinking behind this mind frame than I can.........

    The upshot was that ...
  5. Why did I give an interview to Pedigree Dogs Exposed?

    I bought our first cavalier in 1976, a present for my daughter on her 8th birthday. We went to a small fun show and won a couple of classes. The judge said she thought Betsey was a nice cavalier and we should think of showing her..............and so it started.

    All my dogs have been house pets, I have never had a 'dog room' and because of the difficulty of keeping both sexes together I mainly kept male cavaliers, preferring them as show dogs and companions.

    I was a very ...
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