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  1. Margaret C's Avatar
    Hello Ruth,

    I certainly said I would be willing to collect Griffons and any other breed that would have a knock- on benefit for cavalier research.
    Obviously I would need to consult the researchers before making a commitment to take a dog of a different breed onto the scheme.

    Anyone considering volunteering a dog should contact me or Tania Ledger as the Collection Scheme is independent of any breed club.

    The money to pay for the post-mortems and cremations is raised through the efforts of pet owners and a few supportive breeders.
    Small 'fun' clubs & the rescue volunteers in the South have also been wonderful in raising money and volunteering to transport the little bodies.

    Tania and I are meeting up soon to plan a relaunch of the Scheme. We will now be interested in cavaliers of any age & any MRI status.
    Unscanned or scanned dogs are all important to the group of researchers I work with.