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  1. *Pauline*'s Avatar
    This is so very sad. Now I understand why you feel so passionately about the subject of SM and encouraging breeders to screen their dogs.
  2. Jan Bell's Avatar
    I do wonder how many dogs with SM have gone undiagnosed, or diagnosed as something else. With hindsight I suspect a lot of owners are now wondering if SM was a problem with an earlier pet.

    I am currently wondering about my mum's dog Fern. She was an ex-breeder's dog we got as a rescue, and has on occassioned cried out when touched around the front legs. It hasn't happened often, but I am now watching her closely and will check with the vet if it happens again. I haven't told my mum as I know it would worry her sick - my parents are in their 80's so I deal with all the vets stuff anyway.

    We all love these little dogs so much, so I hope more breeders will screen in the future.
  3. Cleo's Person's Avatar
    Oh I'm so sorry to hear about Nemo's suffering. You were probably right about the SM (from the knowledge I have gleaned from this site) Thank you for sharing his story. It will serve as a prompt to ensure that I do my best for my cav and any future cavs I may be lucky enough to share my life with.