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    Almost identical to my situation! I had been a cat person since I could first say the word "kitty." So obsessed with cats was I that i told my fiancee at the time that I never wanted a dog, and he was OK with that. He bought me a male Siamese cat the first Christmas after we married. He also had a cat of his own at the time. The un-catlike affection that my Siamese showed me narrowed my cat obsession to Oriental breeds only. We eventually obtained a Turkish angora as well, who is also more affectionate than most cats. After meeting several other peoples' dogs and playing with a few in pet stores and parks, I began to warm up to the idea. Part of my problems was that I was afraid of larger dogs. Even to this day, I am a little uncomfortable around any dog larger than 40lb. I saw a Cavalier for the first time at a park. It was like an instant connection and I had to have my own. Now we have three Cavs plus a Cocker Spaniel (our latest addition, still a puppy). I love my Siamese to death, he is nearly as affectionate as my dogs, but I definitely understand what you mean by their unpredictability.