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  1. Mr Kingsley's Avatar
    Hi Rosemary,my cavaliers don't do that,but Prince could have flees from the air or it could be just itchy hair!
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    Thanks for your reply.... I walk Prince on a Harness (which i bought from Cavalier Site) and our walks are very relaxing..I have just started meeting someone with a dog and its a lovely sight to let him off the lead and play with this other dog....... I say 'frustrating because he stops in the middle of cross a road' and does his shake... Thats why I say frustrating.... I am aware that we could both get run over.... He stops dead in front of me ..... Anyway I hope it is not serious... As I mentioned I did ask vet and she said it could be anxiety ....I worry about little things after all of ruby's illness...... I thought I was posting my questions in the right place.... Ha Ha.... How do I post on the board.....Thanks x
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    Just on your question -- dogs do these shake-puts as a way of relieving anxiety or relaxing. They will often shake out on a walk after meeting a dog or if they feel a bit nervous or anxious. I'd be wondering if you are noticing he does this at any particulr point or when something is going on around you that he is responding too. How is he being walked -- preferably on a harness and not pulled around by his neck, which might cause discomfort and cause these shake-outs? If there doesn;t seem to be any cause, has your vet carefully checked his body for any signs of pain or discomfort?

    Without being there it is very hard to tell you what is going on and why. It could be nothing -- my dogs often will shake out after anything from being startled to seeing anther dog, to relieving themselves... -- there could be anything from a real problem to nothing to worry about.

    Maybe one clue is that you say you find this 'frustrating' -- why? If there is nothing actually wrong, shaking out is not only normal but a good thing for dogs -- similar to how we might shake ourselves to relax or after finishing something challenging. It is very natural and normal dog behaviour but should not be happening a lot if there are uncomfortable things happening for him. Is he being scolded or told not to shake out? Is he possibly getting anxious because he is uncertain about how he is supposed to act on a walk? Are walks always relaxing for him and you or are they stressful, is he expected to be doing things, or could he be picking up on anything bothering you?
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    Hi Rosemary -- not sure if you mean to be posting these questions in your blog or on the actual board? You will certainly have more people see the questions and get more replies I think if you post them to the board. But of course you can use your blog space for questions too if you prefer.
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    Thanks for our comments... Yes may just see how he goes...he is trying to see if I cave in ha ha.... Got to be strong xxx
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    Sorry that was much longer than anticipated and most of it probably useless information!
  7. denali's Avatar
    Hi there,
    Lately I have been feeding my boy Kokoda dry food,
    He has never been fed wet canned food (though will sometimes sneakily steal the cats food!) but I do occasionally add pre-made raw food to his biscuits.
    The food i am feeding him at the moemnt he doesn't seem too keen on, compared tgo the other bsicuits. He has neevr been one to leave a meal uneaten, but with these ones he has been. He is currently eating abag of innova evo, but i had previosuly fed taste of the wild and Ziwipeak.
    I was just hoping I could add another brand to the rotations of food i go through, but he doesn't like it, so i will just continue with the other foods and not buy this one again once the bag is through.

    Some people will say that dry food is good as it clean their teeth, other studies have shown that it doesn't, so I am unsure where i stand in this argument, so I just feed plenty of bones like chicken necks, chicken wings and other meaty bones. A bone or two (depending on what bone it is) will replace one of his meals. He eats twice a day.

    Even though he is being fussy, i do make him eat it, and will take it away and give it back at the end of the day and he will eat it.
    I want him to eat mainly dry, with bones, but not wet, so this is what i do.

    So really, i would suggest staying with what you originally wanted, and before giving up on the dry food maybe trying a different type, see if you can get small sample packs, or ask for samples from friends to see if it is just this one brand or all dry food he doesn't like. If he wont eat any kibbles, give ziwipeak a go, it is expensive, but you don't have to feed very much of it at all. Kokoda LOVES it! It is more like a dried jerky than a biscuit.

    Good luck!
  8. Margaret C's Avatar
    I'm so sorry to read this and I do hope the additional dosage helps her feel more comfortable.

    How did she sprain her paw?