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  1. Pamela Warrington's Avatar
    Thank you for all the wonderful information she is at stage 3 and I goo see a specialist my vet referred me when Isabelle first was diagnosed with SM 2 years ago, which she has managed fine with a very low dose of meds that have not changed. So April 2 I will go down to see Dr. Berry regarding this new finding. We see him every 3 to 6 months for preventive care and for regualr check ups. Isabelle turns 8 in June I will hold onto hope and the kind words of encourgment shared it means everything. I was thinking of putting her on a heart diet low in sodium with some natural holstic supplements do you think that is best. The vet put her on 2 pills to help the blood flow from the valves and to help with the circulation and how the heart pumps. What are some of the meds that you all mentioned? The vet sent the specialist her X rays, and Ultrasound, so that his Cardiologist can look at it. Her lungs are clear and they said she was not in heart failure so I Praise God for that. I hope to have Isabelle for many years I pray, I have been so sad and crying all day of the thought of losing her or seeing this condition worsen for her. My vet was explaining how the values were letting reguratation in certain areas that is why he wanted to give her some meds that help with that condition. But I will seek advise from Dr. Berry when I have my appt on April 2. I will let you know pray for us. God Bless you!

    Pamela/ Isabelle
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    Sorry you have this additional worry. However sounds like you are only in the mild murmur and start of MVD stage. Did your vet tell you what the murmur grade was? A slight heart enlargement is not a sign that anything is going to happen right away -- and there are several meds to manage MVD. She may never progress much past where she is now. I would go see a cardiologist though, as they will give you far better information and management advice than a vet can.

    Also: vets often do not understand that cavaliers generally have slightly larger looking hearts on xrays, so perhaps without expertise in the breed, they are mistaken in thinking this is a sign of anything. If you are in the US where vets do not see a lot of cavaliers, then that's an extra reason to definitely see a cardiologist.
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    Well that sounds like a pretty good result, all things considered. CM, the skull malformation, can cause the things you have been seeing but is definitely a better result than syrinxes. Also the breed is prone to disk disease so it is useful to know that the possibility is there down the line.
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    Thank you for your kind words, yes I am relieved Isabelle is doing so much better, I love her so much. Hopefully she will do well and be fine on the small amount of medication she is taking. Prayers out to all of beloved Cavaliers! How are things with you and your babies? Hope all is well.

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    That sounds very promising - a mild case in an older dog is often very manageable! it must be a relief to know what is going on and to have a way forward now.
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    Hang in there, best of luck and let us know how it goes!
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    Glad she has improved on some medications -- that is good news. Best of luck with the scan and let us know how it goes. Post any questions or worries you have into the SM forum as lots of people have been through this and know what you are going through.
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    Dear Kerri,

    Thanks but they had to changed Isabelle MRI to Tuesday the 14th, so I will let everyone know the good news hopefully. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

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    Thank you,

    I really feel loved thank you for all the support and kind words, I will let all know about her MRI this Saturday! Keep us in your thoughts. My heart is with each one that is or has gone through this horrible disease. I pray God gives wisdom to the Veterinary people so they can find ways to treat and be successful in doing so. God bless you all!!

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    Hoping your medications come through quickly as those should start to help. Lots of people here will give support whatever your decisions.