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  1. BrooklynMom's Avatar
    Great idea to take Benji back next weekend. It is all about just desensitizing him to bigger and different dogs. As long as you know they are nice and not bullying Benji, I think it is really good to warm them up to each other. I bet after a few visits they will be fine together. And some dogs just aren't interested in each other...and thats okay too But it sounds like he just needs some warming up!
    Brooklyn cracks me up in front of big dogs, she runs up like she owns the place, then realized how small she is and comes sprinting back to me. Ha. I just make she not to sooth her so that I don't reward her being scared of something and she slowly gets her confidence up and they all play by the end of the park time (though some big dogs, and older dogs, are just not interested in puppies...fair enough, I think an airplane fully of crying babies is kind of annoying too sometimes. Ha!)
  2. Petra's Avatar
    skip the kneecap out? This ist very painful. Has he good leg muscles?
    Get well soon Benji
  3. Chiapet's Avatar
    Sounds like you have a good plan. I had a few vet visits before the decision to have surgery was made. I would send you a picture of Toodles when she came back from the vet so you would have an idea of what to expect. I'm not sure how to get pics on the site. Afterwards, it was 8 weeks of monitoring but it did help. I believ her's was stage 4. Good luck. It is something that can be helped.
  4. Chiapet's Avatar
    My dog Toodles was 9 months old when she yelped out in pain and I rushed her to the Vet. Although they took an Xray they did not diagnose the patella problem at that time. She had surgery about a month later and the recovery took 8 weeks. She had to take it easy and could only walk on a leash. She was not allowed to jump or run in the yard. It seemed like a long time however when it was over, she was able to return to her normal self. Today she fetches balls and runs and jumps on the couch. Even the surgical site cannot be noticed.

    I hope you have a good outcome for your pup too.
  5. Karlin's Avatar
    Have they checked for luxating patella? he is the right age unfortunately for this to show up -- and shouldn't need an xray to diagnose. However it may nee surgery in which case it will need an xray.