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  1. Margaret C's Avatar
    I have just switched from two gabapentin every eight hours to Lyrica twice a day.

    According to Clare Rusbridge's report on Tommy the dose is 5mg/kg twice daily and she advised that I started with 50mg, but as Tommy is a large dog ( 11.8kg ) she felt that would not be enough to control his symptoms.
    She suggested that as long as he did not seem to be too sedated I should get him on to 75mg x 2 daily as quickly as possible.

    His first 50mg dose had no sedative effect so I increased the second to 75mg and at the moment that seems to be working fine for him.
  2. Karlin's Avatar
    Hi -- you might want to post this question to the SM forum on the board rather than as a blog post (not sure you realised this is up on your blog and not the board? ). You will get a lot more answers on the general board. But in general -- it is a good idea to start at that dose -- the minimum starting dose -- and see how it works; you can raise it as needed. Most dogs will probably end up on a higher dose depending on weight. I'd also note that only 100mg 3x is a fairly low dose of gabapentin. Many dogs are on 200mg or even 300mg 3x before trying a switch to Lyrica as it is far more expensive. But it is also a smaller dose and only twice daily and works better for many dogs.