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  1. Karlin's Avatar
    Hi Jambar: You might try posting your question into the SM forum on the board as more people will see it? You've posted this as a blog entry. It sounds like you've taken some good steps already. Many of us here (including me) have one or more dogs with CM/SM so there are quite a few who might have some ideas.
  2. Jodi Silverman's Avatar
    Please know this: If your puppy is diagnosed with MMM it is NOT a death sentence! My little girl celebrated her 2nd birthday February 17th, 2014 and she is still with us. She’s happy and fun-loving, with an emphasis on loving! When our breeder heard the news, she immediately offered to take back the 4 month old puppy. It was too late though – we were already hopelessly and helplessly in love. She has had to endure quite a lot, as MMM nearly destroys the immune system, but with a lot of loving care and the most fantastic Veterinarian I’ve ever met, she is doing pretty well. She can’t be around other dogs as she will catch any disease or infection they carry. I never let her walk around a pet store or even the Vet’s office. She overcame an intense bout with mange mites – all dogs and cats have them, but a normal immune system deflects their ill effects easily. She can’t be taken off antibiotics, because the bacteria normal & necessary for digestion will overwhelm her body; the resulting diarrhea will dehydrate and kill her. Her diet must be bland, so I steam brown rice, mash broccoli, and add it to shredded organic chicken. So, don’t despair, but do your homework! If your Vet isn’t willing to listen to you, think “out-of-the-box” on occasion and take a few chances, find one who is. Please feel free to contact me. Having gone through this alone, I’m more than happy to help. Good luck!
  3. Jambar's Avatar
    I feed my boys raw, no itchy or sore skin problems I would never go back to feeding kibble, they look so good nice clean teeth, and shiney coats.