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  1. Learn From Ella; It's OK to Take a Break from Life and Enjoy Yourself

    I wrote a blog post in July and received an email from Ella's neurologist saying that he loved this and he actually will discuss this with future patients. Increasing activity with a Cavalier with CM or SM sometimes can make them feel bad the next day. I was so scared that I didn't let Ella do much. I protected her but is that what she would have wanted?

    This is the link to my post but I will copy it here. ...
  2. Days 2 After Surgery

    Hi All,

    I thought i'd start doing this just so i can post about Benjis improvement after his surgery.

    For those of you who don't know, Benji had surgery on his back left leg on Wednesday because he had a luxating patella.
    The surgery went well and we bought him home at about half four that evening. Of course he was very dazed and sleepy from the anesthetic and his pain killers. For a while that evening, he just lay on the floor trying to move but he couldn't quite ...
  3. Meeting Storm & Echo...

    We took Benji over to meet my cousins two dogs yesterday and they're just a little bigger than Benji. Storm is a collie and Echo is a lab so they both kind of tower over my baby.

    Simply put, Benji was pretty freaking terrified of both of them. They are both really nice & gentle dogs. Echo wanted to play with Benji whilst Storm kept growling at him, at one point even snapping at him when he tried to sniff her.

    Towards the end of the few hours we spent with them, Benji ...
  4. Odubghaill - has your dog this name in his registered title

    Hi, My name is Carol and I looking to create a pedigree form for our dog Charlie - we sadly lost charlie on 2nd July 2011 after 7 years. While I have the three generation form my children are searching for any pups born 31st May 2004 to SIRE Bold Future T17960 and DAM Odubghaill Blackie's All U86147.
    I have requested this information from the breeder and unfortunately his does not remember and has not kept his old records. The Kennel club will not supply this information.
    Hope anyone ...
  5. Another 40 on it's way to the fund

    Quote Originally Posted by robbieswan View Post
    Word got out about the canvas wrap I did in my road. A neighbour 17 doors down asked me to do a photoshoot with her cat in order to make a wrap. I charged her 80 for the wrap and 40 for the photoshoot...When the wrap is finished, and I get paid for it, I will donate the 40 for the photoshoot to the fund.

    Here is the photo I took that will be on the wrap.

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