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  1. One of the best loves of my life

    I am Winston's mamma. I am a 25 year old dog lover who stumbled upon a CKCS. I found an add in a new paper that headlined "dieing woman needs new home for her babies". I clicked on the add and was immediately in love with the photo I saw. Winston was 10 weeks old and he was given to a woman as a gift. She was very sick with Cancer and could not give him care. I adopted him immediately. I also have a girl Jack Russell that hates Winston, because he loves her so much he wont ...
  2. coat

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    hello ive got 19 months old boy.and i am a little worry that he become from bad breed.his coat its look to be short than others cavaliers in his age or maby its still will grow?ty for answers.
  3. Tess is better

    Tess is back to her normal self after a period of convalescence. I have yet to meet a breed of dog that is so charasmatic and tells you what is wrong with facial expressions. She is walking just fine now and up and about.
  4. Thought I'd Start A Blog

    Hello All!

    Thought i would start writing about Benjis adventures, or the silly things he does.

    So lets start with today...

    Our morning walk started off as usual with me letting Benji off his lead to go explore the park (once a safe distance from the road), although as whats becoming the norm he had to go back on his lead because he wanted to wonder off the other way. Actually though i'm glad he went back on his lead as a little further into the park a ...
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  5. Cavaliers and the delays in implementing proposed official health screening

    The KC and the BVA are meeting to discuss the responses they have received to the proposal of partial publication of scan results.
    So I thought I would write and point out the flaws in the cavalier clubs' feedback exercise.............

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