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  1. The Cavalier Club Health Day. Part 2, Inherited conditions and breeding strategies.

    Dr Tom Lewis, a Post Doctoral Quantitative Geneticist gave a presentation on inherited diseases and breeding strategies in Cavaliers.

    Concerns in our breed

    1. MVD
    2. CMSM
    3. Single gene disorders (Dry eye/curly coat, episodic falling )
    4. Future viability of the breed.

    Mate Select will use:

    i. EBVs of disease
    ii. DNA test results
    iii. Coefficients of Inbreeding / kinship

    Key benefits of EBVs ...
  2. The Cavalier Club Health Day. Part 1, Hearts

    First I would like to congratulate the Cavalier Club on organising a series of presentations by experts that were knowledgeable and able to explain their subjects in a clear and understandable manner.

    Like most attendees my note taking could not keep up with the flow of talk, and I cannot read half of the disjointed sentences I scribbled down, but until the Abstracts are available on the Cavalier Club website, this may be the best you will get.

    I will put my notes up ...

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  3. Rupert's Fund recipe book - ORDERS!!

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    The Rupert's Fund Recipe book is now available!! all proceeds to Rupert's Fund

    It contains 34 recipes, ideas for stuffing a Kong and suggestions for hiding medication, and is lavishly illustrated with photos and cartoons...

    The cost is 5 [although additional donations are gratefully received ] - and on receipt of payment, I will send you a
  4. Christmas Cards!!

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    We now have Christmas cards available featuring Tommy

    The cards have "Seasons Greeting" printed at the top in white - they are 3 for a pack of 5 including postage.

    Please pay by PayPal to

    alternatively by cheque or a bankers draft in pounds sterling payable to "Syringomyelia DNA Research" {please e-mail me for
  5. Dear Santa


    Dear Santa,

    Ive been a really good dog this year. I have not complained, been happy to others, and even though i have not been going to the nursing homes since i was sick, i really would like to have comfort. It has been tough, with my SM, surguries, and not to mention the dog attack, but i have never stopped wagging my tail.

    I was born to help my mother and bring light into her life. I would like ...
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