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  1. The Cavalier Collection Scheme is changing. UK Owners, please read.

    This is a blog on what can be a sensitive and very emotive subject for the owner of a much loved dog.

    It is in the nature of all of us to avoid thinking about situations that will hurt and grieve us, but I hope that UK cavalier owners will just take a little time to read this.

    Cavaliers as a breed have a great many health problems, and researchers and responsible breeders are struggling to give puppies that are yet to be born the chance of a pain free future.

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  2. The Cavalier Club Health Day. Part 4, Foetal Tissue Research

    Dr Imelda McGonnell, Senior Lecturer in Anatomy and Developmental Biology, gave a fascinating presentation entitled " Analysis of Occipital Bone Development in Cavalier King Charles Spaniels."

    I have written as best I can what I understood of her talk, but remember that I am not a vet so please do not take anything in these blogs as gospel.

    Imelda posed the question " How do you generate changes in the skull"

    The occipital skull is ...
  3. The Cavalier Club Health Day. Part 3, Syringomyelia

    I started this blog once, tried to save it to draft and messed up. So here is the second attempt.

    One of the reasons for my difficulty was that although I found the next two talks interesting, and all three SM presentations fitted so well together, I took few notes at the start of the afternoon.

    Imaging versus the clinic

    Colin Driver is a Resident in Neurology at RVC.

    His presentation was about what was shown on imaging and how that related ...
  4. The Cavalier Club Health Day. Part 2, Inherited conditions and breeding strategies.

    Dr Tom Lewis, a Post Doctoral Quantitative Geneticist gave a presentation on inherited diseases and breeding strategies in Cavaliers.

    Concerns in our breed

    1. MVD
    2. CMSM
    3. Single gene disorders (Dry eye/curly coat, episodic falling )
    4. Future viability of the breed.

    Mate Select will use:

    i. EBVs of disease
    ii. DNA test results
    iii. Coefficients of Inbreeding / kinship

    Key benefits of EBVs ...
  5. The Cavalier Club Health Day. Part 1, Hearts

    First I would like to congratulate the Cavalier Club on organising a series of presentations by experts that were knowledgeable and able to explain their subjects in a clear and understandable manner.

    Like most attendees my note taking could not keep up with the flow of talk, and I cannot read half of the disjointed sentences I scribbled down, but until the Abstracts are available on the Cavalier Club website, this may be the best you will get.

    I will put my notes up ...

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