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  1. The dogs needing homes are now up and listed!

    You can see them at and also on the Facebook page for Irish Cavalier Rescue. There are a few more coming as well. Applications can be downloaded from the rescue site. I give priority in the order I receive a suitable application that is the right match for a given dog so do not delay if you are interested in a particular cavalier or cavalier cross. ...
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  2. The BVA/KC Chiari- like Malformation Syringomyelia Scheme

    That title is a heck of a mouthful, but this blog is mainly for the breeders that visit this Pet Owners' Forum to read the information that their regional breed club health representatives do not pass on.

    As I said in my last blog, there was a presentation about this new scheme last Thursday.
    I have been waiting to see if any of the leading posters from the Breeders' Forum were going to comment on the presentations, but that has not happened.

    The talks started ...
  3. Irish Cav Rescue: current dogs needing homes!

    I have a number of dogs currently needing homes at irish Cavalier Rescue. First off are CJ and Sly, who are awaiting a home TOGETHER. This father and son pair of tricolours are extremely affectionate and just adorable! They like kids but would prefer a teen or adult home rather than a home with small children. Just look at these sofa-hogs! These are the perfect dogs for someone who wants an instant pair of companions, well-behaved and house-trained.

  4. Isabelles Pics from MRI

    Today I drove down to see Dr.Berry, he wanted to show me Isabelle's MRI pics. They were not as bad as I thought. She has a couple areas where it shows CM but rather than that everything looks great. She did however have something added that I must of not heard him mention before or I did not understand. She has a disc that could potentially cause her issues down the road, and might need attention. But if you know me and have read my posts, this is just another thing I will stand in prayer and ...
  5. Happy SGM Anniversary

    Two years ago today I was voted off the Cavalier Club committee for appearing on the Film 'Pedigree Dogs Exposed'

    On Thursday the Cavalier Club has a meeting in Leicester to inform members about the BVA/KC MRI Scheme & to update them on syringomyelia research

    Are the two events connected?
    Have a look at the film yourself and decide

    The idea for this blog was sparked off by an introduction ...
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