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  1. Prayers for Isabelle


    Its been difficult finding out that my baby has just been diagnosed with a disease called SM. She had a bad night last night she couldn't get comfortable and whimpered. Waiting for her medication to come in for her. This disease scares me because I don't know what to expect and how much pain or episodes she will have to endure. I miss her happy go lucky sweet attitude. Her eyes show me she is scared and that she does not understand what is happening to her. I have done alot ...
  2. Irish Cavalier Rescue now on Facebook

    Come visit us on Facebook, where Irish Cavalier Rescue has a new fan page!

    People can upload pictures of their cavaliers, if they wish to share 'happy endings' for one of our rescue doglets! There are already some adoptees there and I hope many more to come.

    I hope that Facebook will enable ICR dogs to reach a wider audience when they are looking for new homes.

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  3. A Cavalier Convert- From Cats to Cavs; How Did it Take so Long?

    Hey All! I'm a young woman, and all my life I've been an animal lover- they were always in our family, and I can't remember a time when I didn't have my own companion, (of course, when I was old enough)- but they were all feline! I've been in the animal lover subcategory of 'cat person' for 20, years. And I loved their attitude, their antics, their beauty.. But, lately, I realized that, a cat is a cat- they're great pets. I loved all my cats dearly, and when they decided to grace me with ...
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  4. I am very Scared

    Ella is off to the neurologist tomorrow and with the way she has been acting, I have a bad feeling in my stomach. I always want to see the good and I guess I always see the bad. I can't breath and it is like all of the feelings come rushing back over me. If he wants to do another MRI I have no idea what I am going to say. I know for a fact how fast she progresses. I see a new thing each day. Right now she is hiding from me. The cavalier the would never leave my side is under the bed and when ...
  5. My Evidence for APGAW

    There has been some interesting discussion about breed clubs and breeders attitude to health testing, so I thought I would blog some of the written evidence I submitted for the APGAW report that followed on from the film Pedigree Dogs Exposed.

    I'm pleased to say that the health monitoring system mentioned at the end, in point 5. is be trialed, thanks to the RSPCA........

    I would like to ask that secondary legislation of the Animal Welfare Act, ...
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