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  1. 14th May 2007 - Mothers Day

    Yesterday being Mothers' Day, I first took Beau to his puppy class and then I bundled he & Sonny into the car & headed up to my mum & dad's place. This was Beau & Sonny's first sleep over and they were absolute angels. We had no accidents in the house, which they explored from room to room. At bed time I made up a little area next to my bed, using their x-pen & with their blankies on the bottom. They slept there all night without a peep.

    They were just so well behaved.
  2. 11th May 2007 - BARF

    BARF - It sounds horrible doesn't it! Like losing your lunch. But it stands for "bones and raw foods"... well most of the time. I think in recent times it can also have some high brow meaning something along the lines of biologically accurate something or other, but I like the bones & raw foods meaning.

    So having finished reading Billinghurst's book yesterday I decided to give this BARF a go, so we jumped in, boots & all. In truth we've been doing a sort of BARF sometimes
  3. Book Review: Give Your Dog a Bone by Dr Ian Billinghurst

    Give Your Dog a Bone by Dr Ian Billinghurst BV.Sc.[Hons], B.Sc.Agr., Dip.Ed.

    I’ve now got quite a collection of books that are about or cover in detail canine nutrition. With out a doubt this one outshines them all.

    First up, I’d like to catch the attention of those who under penance of death will never feed their dog bones, or those who would never consider giving their dog un-cooked meats. Please don’t be turned off this book because it is about feeding a raw diet
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  4. 6th May 2007 - Puppy School Day

    We had puppy school again today. This was Beau's third day. He is now ready to move up to the Beginners Class but that starts on the first Sunday of each month, so is still a few weeks away before we start. I don't mind though. Beau just loves the classes and they are fun. Today when I pulled the car up and Beau realised where we were, he went nuts trying to get out of the car. He was so eager to go play with all the other dogs.

    Everything really clicked into place today. Beau's sits
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  5. Book Review: The Holistic Dog Book by Denise Flaim

    Book Review: The Holistic Dog Book
    by Denise Flaim

    This 264 page book is about looking outside the square, of asking questions, not swallowing everything you are told, of taking control yourself for your companion’s (the author prefers this to “pet’s”) health & wellbeing.

    It starts with a very small section on nutrition, that I must say I was quite disappointed with. Denise Flaim starts with the raw diet which includes bones, which she clearly is an advocate
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