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  1. Booklet on food ingredients

    I see that Monica Segal has a new booklet on understanding dog food labels and ingredients. Monica has some great books and pamphlets on nutrition and is a cavalier owner herself.
  2. Loving the Blog Feature!

    First I must say "Thanks Karlin" for the kewl new upgrade! It's awesome! I look forward to keeping a blog on here. What a great way to keep a record of my journey to purchasing my first Cavalier King Charles Spaniel!
  3. Welcome to the new blog feature!

    You can post images, add email links, use quotes, use smilies, all the same way as you do a regular post.

    You can also subscribe to other people's blogs so that you know as soon as they've made a new post.

    If you want, you can choose to moderate comments before they appear -- so you OK them before they can be seen publicly.

    I have installed a spam filter but you will probably eventually start to get spam in your comments, which you can simply delete. ...
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