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  1. Surgery day minus 3 days

    by , 28th January 2012 at 02:07 PM (The rear end rescue blog - an anal gland surgery diary)
    It is Saturday, and their operation is three days away. We have to be at their vet Tuesday at 8 a.m., and I am dreading it. Of course both Christian and I are very nervous that something goes wrong; we have heard a few horror stories. We have also got many responses about happy endings, and I pray that this will be the result here, too.
    There is snow in the garden; for the first time this winter. Yesterday I had a morning meeting and then went home to work, but the snow was too tempting. ...
  2. Facts before surgery

    by , 28th January 2012 at 02:05 PM (The rear end rescue blog - an anal gland surgery diary)
    Date of surgery: 31st of January 2012.

    Besides all the regular checks at the vet, there have been 2-3 severe infections for both Molly and Éowyn. Both had the last time a huge abscess, and both the vets we have had, have recommended surgery. We wanted to wait, mainly because of two worries: What if they become incontinent afterwards? And what if they don’t survive the operation? The vets convinced us that it is a really small risk; and to calm myself down, I decided to write a blog ...
  3. albums

    hi everyone ive put some albums on of my little bailey finally got there lol took a bit of time to work it out
  4. baileys antics

    baileys been pinching bows off the tree again lol if its not bows hes pinching it knocking the baubles to see if he can make the lights move so he can chase them lol hes such a character .
  5. Rubys Vetmedin been increased

    My Ruby who is 8 yrs old has had her vetmedin increased to the max... She also on Furesimide every 8 hours..and Benazapril. I am so worried about her.... I love her to bits and she is the sweetest baby... She is uncomfortable and her tummy is very swollen.... I just pray she picks up a bit soon...She also sprained her front paw and looks so sorry for herself.


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