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  1. Going up the Stairs Come Hell or High Water

    Cleo loves running up the stairs in our house. We live in a two up two down and the stairs is off the kitchen so she loves running up them, especially when we're cooking as she gets all the good smells at the top of the stairs.

    Her other favourite reason for running up the stairs is the fact that she can easily break into our bedroom. The catch on that door doesn't work properly and so all she needs to do to break in is to scratch the door a few times with her paw and it opens quite ...

    Updated 2nd July 2008 at 01:47 PM by Cleo's Person

    Day to Day Life
  2. Chloe is 9 weeks old & Finally at Home!

    My sister Shannon and Chloe on the ride home:

    Playing with a Chew Toy:

    She is so purdy:

    All tuckered out:
  3. Chloe is 8 Weeks Old!

    Only 9 more days until my mom goes and picks her up!

    And only 18 more days till I get to hold her!
  4. Nerve Eight for SM ?

    My 5-1/2 year old Blenheim male was just diagnosed with moderate SM via MRI last Friday. Has anyone used Nerve Eight made by Nature's Sunshine to help with the scratching etc ? if so, what is the canine dosage ? he is 20 lbs. and is currently on Rimadyl 2X a day.
    Thanks !

  5. New Picture of Chloe at 6 weeks old.

    my breeder has promised some new pictures soon. so stay tuned
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