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  1. Buying a cavalier puppy

    Many people will be aware that I keep a list of breeders that say they scan their cavaliers.

    I am getting more and more enquiries every week, especially now I have a puppy buying advice website , so I would be pleased to pass on the names of anyone with puppies from health tested parents.

    I also send out information that tells buyers how to read health certificates and I thought it may be a good idea to put it here as a blog.

    Please ...

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  2. Happy SGM Anniversary

    Two years ago today I was voted off the Cavalier Club committee for appearing on the Film 'Pedigree Dogs Exposed'

    On Thursday the Cavalier Club has a meeting in Leicester to inform members about the BVA/KC MRI Scheme & to update them on syringomyelia research

    Are the two events connected?
    Have a look at the film yourself and decide

    The idea for this blog was sparked off by an introduction ...
  3. The BVA/KC Chiari- like Malformation Syringomyelia Scheme

    That title is a heck of a mouthful, but this blog is mainly for the breeders that visit this Pet Owners' Forum to read the information that their regional breed club health representatives do not pass on.

    As I said in my last blog, there was a presentation about this new scheme last Thursday.
    I have been waiting to see if any of the leading posters from the Breeders' Forum were going to comment on the presentations, but that has not happened.

    The talks started ...
  4. What is the Alternative to the BVA/KC MRI Scheme?

    A question that those who want to reject the Scheme do not seem able or willing to answer, despite being asked many times.

    The truth is probably something they are unable to admit to openly.

    * They do not want a scheme.

    * They do not want to scan and
    remove SM affected cavaliers from their breeding programme.

    *They want to go on breeding as before, without doing any health checks.

    For those that have been confused by the ...
  5. Cavaliers and the delays in implementing proposed official health screening

    The KC and the BVA are meeting to discuss the responses they have received to the proposal of partial publication of scan results.
    So I thought I would write and point out the flaws in the cavalier clubs' feedback exercise.............

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