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  1. 22 April 2007 - Beau's First Day At Puppy School

    This blog has been copied across from our old blog spot.

    Oh we had such a fun day. Beau’s baby puppy class is held in the nearby showground and when we arrived there were lots of handlers & their dog everywhere, all getting organised to go to their various different classes. Poor little Beau was looking around at this sea of very big dogs & I am sure at first he would have just like to have gone back home.

    However, once everyone got to ...
    Obedience Training
  2. Book Reviews

    I've done a couple of book reviews on the forum and don't want to lose where they are, so I thought this would be a good place to log them.

    My Review: "Give Your Dog a Bone" by Dr Ian Billinghurst;

    My Review: "The BARF Diet" by Dr Ian Billinghurst
  3. A pyrenees!

    Two of my cousins now own Great Pyrenees dogs, the breed I grew up with. When I was in Wisconsin last weekend, I was really excited to get to meet my cousin Sue's beautiful dog Lexie, a rescue Pyr. She is absolutely huge for a female and all white and very laid back and even tempered (I had forgotten how relaxed Pyrs are especially compared to my very active little cavaliers). Another relative brought her fluffball of a bichon -- she lets his coat grow really long which I liked; don't care much ...
  4. Nearly Camping

    I'm testing out this new blog features as I'm thinking of you annual couples camping trip that I plan.

    For the second year in a row we are camping how the shore of Lake Michigan on the Wisconsin side. The camp ground is huge and beautiful. There is so much to do and it very dog friendly. There are sand dunes and a board walk to walk on and then the lake is so blue it looks like the ocean. There are many miles of beach to walk on. I like going when it's cold cause we take the dogs ...
  5. Teaching 'rollover'

    Yesterday evening I had all the dogs to the park and while Leo and Jaspar kept busy chasing a fetch toy or playing tug of war, I did a little obedience work, just basic commands, with Lucy and Lily. Then I decided to work on 'rollover' with Lily, who is so darn food motivated that training anything is pretty easy once she gets the idea that a certain behaviour brings FOOOOOOD!!

    She's a smart little dog too (though a total flibbertygibbet with poor self control) so it only took about ...
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