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  1. The Cavalier Collection volunteered pets are helping the breed.

    The publication of a new study to describe microscopic changes in the spinal cord of cavaliers with syringomyelia, and in particular to compare symptomatic (in pain) and asymptomatic (non painful) dogs, has great significance for the Cavalier Collection Scheme.

    This paper is a consequence of the tissue collection studies

    The first Collection Scheme was started in 2007 when Professor Nick Jeffery, who was then at Cambridge, ...
  2. New Addition

    WIndsor, my tri color 16 months) and my new litttle Blenheim, Cambridge are getting along splendidley. So proud of Windsor for the way he is taking care of the new baby.
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  3. Pet Insurance?

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    I have a newly adopted 4 year old Blenheim boy in good health - no indication of heart issues or other medical problems in his past. I'm investigating health insurance for him to help defray some of the anticipated expenses we may encounter as he ages. I've looked at three plans: PetPlan, VPI, Embrace and Pet First. Have any of you had good or bad experiences with pet insurance and these providers?
  4. Learn From Ella; It's OK to Take a Break from Life and Enjoy Yourself

    I wrote a blog post in July and received an email from Ella's neurologist saying that he loved this and he actually will discuss this with future patients. Increasing activity with a Cavalier with CM or SM sometimes can make them feel bad the next day. I was so scared that I didn't let Ella do much. I protected her but is that what she would have wanted?

    This is the link to my post but I will copy it here. ...
  5. Days 2 After Surgery

    Hi All,

    I thought i'd start doing this just so i can post about Benjis improvement after his surgery.

    For those of you who don't know, Benji had surgery on his back left leg on Wednesday because he had a luxating patella.
    The surgery went well and we bought him home at about half four that evening. Of course he was very dazed and sleepy from the anesthetic and his pain killers. For a while that evening, he just lay on the floor trying to move but he couldn't quite ...
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