apparently i am going on holiday :0) xx

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well, this is my 1st blog, and what better thing to blog about than my 1 st very own holiday. me and my mum and dad have had a tough time lately due to us losing my big brother sullivan. i am lost without my big brother and when my mum cries i lick away her tears as i dont like to see her upset. well this evening mum and dad seemed very animated and talking in hushed tones.... like i wouldn't hear them. silly silly humans, do they know me but at all!!! apparently i am going on holiday to a palce called devon because sullivan was always so poorly we could never afford a holiday before or risk it even incase he got sick while we were away. well apparently i have dealt sooooooooooooo well with now being a lone ranger, that mum and dad thought i (and we) deserved a holiday. so after ages spent on this computer thingy, they found a perfect place that will accept my fuzzy butt (my mums words not mine, i think my butt is very fuzz free!!! ) and as of the 5th of july i am of on my holidays. now what to pack...... well i cant leave behind my fav toy moose, and my many many tennis balls....... ooooooooooooo this is so exciting. mum got a little sad as she wished sullivan was with us, but i know that in some ways he will be and i will do my bestest to make my mum smile like i do every day

x bentley x

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