Shop-a-holic fundraiser

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I am a serious shop-a-holic and I just saw the thread for shop-a-holics and I also saw Karlin's "Cavalier" online shops. Just what I needed when I am trying to step away from the buy button. I have to be honest and say that I have a bit of a spending problem that I am working on or have to. I have to pay off the debt I owe for Ella's surgery, medication, etc. but then I get these ideas in my head.

For Example,

Dog Cookies: I got 3 different dog books on how to make dog cookies to sell at a get together I had when Ella's neurologist talked about SM. I don't know how to boil water, so thinking I could sell a large amount of dog cookies was more about the buying. These recipes were not simple. I had to ask people several times in the store what certain ingredients were. So I spent a couple hundred dollars for several dog cookies that only one person bought one bag. (By the way there were only 10 people at the event)

Dog Shirts: Let's try and make money being creative by custom dog shirts. I did make one for Ella that was cute. I started to learn from above example and went no further. Her dog shirt says SM Cavalier. So cute

So that brings me to my final idea. I have collected several things through out my shop-a-holic days that are collecting dust. Instead of buying stuff to raise money, I finally realized I am going to sell what I have. So I had to step away from the click of Karlin's post with links and realize start thinking about getting my stuff uncluttered and sell to raise some money. Ella can no longer wear any of her collars so why do I even have them?

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