The angel whose can not use her wings

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I am really sad right now because I truly believe ella has a special quality of touching people. I am sure everyone feels that way but she gave me a purpose for living and I could see that everytime she would visit people in nursing homes. Their eyes would be dull and all a sudden ella would bring them back to life. Some of these people never had visitors & no one showed them affection. Ella did that and I know how much it meant to them. Great now I'm upset again!

I would go in their rooms and they did not have any pictures of family or anything. I gave them pictures of ella and soon noticed them on their walls. They wanted to see her! They would want me to bring me treats so they could give them to her (those they were not bad off). We were put in charge of this program but ella started to back away. Thinking about it today I did not put it together, but I guess it started to be painful for her to be touched.

She still would wag her tail but be more reserved and that is not good for a therapy dog. They need to not hide under chairs because they don't want to be touched. So I'm feel real sad today because I know she will never be able to give that to others. Maybe she has given 4 years of her life to help others so its okay for a break. It still is sad. I wonder if those pictures are faded on those walls since it has been a year?

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