A Cavalier Convert- From Cats to Cavs; How Did it Take so Long?

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Hey All! I'm a young woman, and all my life I've been an animal lover- they were always in our family, and I can't remember a time when I didn't have my own companion, (of course, when I was old enough)- but they were all feline! I've been in the animal lover subcategory of 'cat person' for 20, years. And I loved their attitude, their antics, their beauty.. But, lately, I realized that, a cat is a cat- they're great pets. I loved all my cats dearly, and when they decided to grace me with their presence when I was lying in bed, or curled up with a book, it was great. But cats have that nature in them which is ingrained in their DNA- or, at least, seems to be! Even the friendliest, loving cat has that limit which isn't ever entirely clear, that little grain of unpredictability, that sense of aloofness which makes them distant. It makes it hard to bond with them, when you don't know with 99.9% certainty, even though you brought them up from a tiny kitten, that, on a regular day, you can sweep them up into your arms and kiss them and love them without being scratched, bitten, rebuffed, etc.

It finally hit me, that none of my cats ever really fulfilled that role I was trying to fill in my family, and in my heart- because it wasn't a role at cat could fill. It would take a loving, loyal soul that could trust, wanted to be with you, and actually responded to the way you treated it and taught it so that you could trust it, too. And that, in essence, is a dog.

So I set about looking, and looking, --and LOOKing for that perfect breed. I wanted a dog that was sturdy, but could lay on my lap without crushing me. I wanted a dog that was intelligent, could be calm, but was playful--and, to be honest, I didn't want a 'frou-frou' dog that shivered all the time and sort of, well, made me feel a bit- embarrassed, as a young, competent, professional woman, when I took him/her out in public, for a walk, and met someone new that I'd like to get to know. People do have a bit of a--skewed view of young women who have that type of yappy, nervous, 'designer' dog.. I wanted a friend. I wanted a relatively small, but good sized, friend.
After a few nights of research after work or chores, etc., I had in narrowed down, but nothing quite fit. Then, like a miracle, on the street of one of my favorite walking places, I stumbled into a Cavalier. And I fell in love.
I began looking up anything I could find on the breed, and the more I read, watched, and heard, the more people I talked to, the more convinced I became. The Cavalier was it. The dog of my dreams. .

Long story short, after months of searching for a good, responsible breeder, (even though I'm new at this, I've been involved in enough animal rights organizations to know that puppy from a puppy store = NO.) one that answered all the questions that the wonderfully helpful members of this forum provided, I am happy to announce that, in 7 short weeks, I will be bringing home a bouncing, beautiful Blenheim girl Cavalier King Charles puppy; and I cannot wait to watch her grow, learn, and explore.

This is the warmest my heart has felt in the longest time- already, I can say, I'm happier- and I know that, as I embark on the adventure that is raising a new puppy, things can only get better.

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  1. ashenlight4's Avatar
    Almost identical to my situation! I had been a cat person since I could first say the word "kitty." So obsessed with cats was I that i told my fiancee at the time that I never wanted a dog, and he was OK with that. He bought me a male Siamese cat the first Christmas after we married. He also had a cat of his own at the time. The un-catlike affection that my Siamese showed me narrowed my cat obsession to Oriental breeds only. We eventually obtained a Turkish angora as well, who is also more affectionate than most cats. After meeting several other peoples' dogs and playing with a few in pet stores and parks, I began to warm up to the idea. Part of my problems was that I was afraid of larger dogs. Even to this day, I am a little uncomfortable around any dog larger than 40lb. I saw a Cavalier for the first time at a park. It was like an instant connection and I had to have my own. Now we have three Cavs plus a Cocker Spaniel (our latest addition, still a puppy). I love my Siamese to death, he is nearly as affectionate as my dogs, but I definitely understand what you mean by their unpredictability.