29th April 2007 - Week two of puppy school

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Today Beau & I went to his puppy school for the second time. It has been heavy rain all week, so we weren’t able to get outside for much training through the week, but I was really pleased with Beau’s progress. He does perfect sits every time, his drops are improving greatly and his stays are quite impressive. We do have to work on come though. He will come easily if there are no distractions around, but when there are other puppies to play with, you’d swear he was deaf. He heels quite well most of the time and is quite easy to keep focused when walking past other dogs.

Next week, we are to bring a stuffed sock & a little dumbbell or other toy so that we can learn fetch & retrieve.

It is quite funny to watch how assertive Beau is and I think it surprises other people who have the more macho looking dog, even if they are little & still puppies. There are 2 Jack Russel Terriers, about 6 months old that Beau has had scraps with. Both these little guys are not really interested in playing but are into the in-yer-face dominance like nipping on the neck, humping, etc. Beau wears it for a few minutes, then tries to get away from them & ignore them, but if they pursue he turns around, performs a perfect alpha-roll & then straddles them & yells abuse into their faces. They leave him alone after that.

The teacher is very pleased with Beau’s progress and said that after next week, she thinks he will be ready to progress to the next stage of training… real obedience classes. I am so proud of my boy!

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